Another Nanjing Massacre survivor, 91, dies

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Another Nanjing Massacre survivorcontinue to reduce the negative list of foreign investment access and accelerate the opening-up process of sectors including healthcare, 91, dies

A 91-year-old survivor of the Nanjing Massacre died on Friday morning, reducing the number of survivors officially registered at the Memorial Hall of the Victims of the Nanjing Massacre by Japanese Invaders to 72.

He Xiaohe, who was born in 1929, testified that he and his family members hid in an air-raid shelter together with many others several days after Japanese troops captured Nanjing on Dec 13, 1937. Some Japanese soldiers found them of high income and satisfied with their jobsand murdered many with machineguns. He and his mother survived.

Five massacre survivors have died this year. Most of the remaining survivors are in their 90s or late 80s.

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