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Wardrobe is an indispensable piece of furniture in the bedroom. It can store all kinds of clothes for us and bring great convenience to people's life. Nowadays, wardrobe products are getting better and better, and brands are increasing. What are the top ten wardrobe brands? Now let's introduce it one by one

top ten wardrobe brands list

1. Houlaike wardrobe

the brand of houlaike wardrobe has always focused on the R & D and innovation of overall wardrobe products, and has obtained a number of professional technology patents. The style of wardrobe is fashionable, which meets the requirements of modern young people

2. Sofia wardrobe

Sofia wardrobe is of outstanding quality. It is the first listed brand company in the wardrobe industry and has become the leader in the wardrobe industry at present. Get “ Ten year influential brands in China's wardrobe industry &rdquo& ldquo; Top ten brands of China's overall wardrobe ” And other honors

3. Canoya wardrobe

canoya wardrobe is also one of the top ten wardrobe brands, and its brand popularity in the wardrobe industry is very high. The brand is committed to building a highly competitive product system in the industry, with 5 substrates, 6 spaces and 7 styles to choose from

4. Stanley wardrobe

Stanley wardrobe brand has also won “ China's green building materials products &rdquo& ldquo; Top ten brands of China's overall wardrobe ” With its strong strength, it has become the preferred brand of many well-known customers

5. Novier's wardrobe

novier's wardrobe is a brand of Guangzhou Nuojia decorative materials Co., Ltd. it originates from Italian furniture style. Its products have different styles such as environmental protection, fashion and simplicity, and are deeply loved by consumers

6. Weiyi wardrobe

this wardrobe brand is the core brand of Foshan weishang Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and has also won “ Top ten brands of China's overall wardrobe ” And other honors. Weiyi wardrobe focuses on product design and service, brings every consumer beautiful enjoyment, and realizes the dream of home for every consumer

7. Europa wardrobe

Europa wardrobe is very familiar to everyone. This brand has high popularity, good product quality and many kinds. The product design integrates Chinese traditional culture and European and American fashion design elements to provide consumers with high-quality household products

8. Ashley wardrobe

Ashley wardrobe is a well-known brand of overall wardrobe in China. The company has strong strength. This brand focuses on R & D and design, customized production and sales services, and provides customers with integrated customized solutions

9. Kelaifu wardrobe

Kelaifu brand has launched seven series of products in China, which combine Italian style with modern fashionable lifestyle to create a modern home with rich oriental cultural heritage

10. Bestwin wardrobe

Bestwin wardrobe brand is a brand of Guangzhou Bestwin home furnishing Co., Ltd. its products have passed the ISO international quality system certification, and the product quality and safety are guaranteed. It is one of the wardrobe brands loved by consumers

the above is about the top ten wardrobe brands. I believe you have a better understanding of these brands. These wardrobe brands rank in no order, for your reference only





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