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In the quotation given by fangtianxia

decoration company, there are often all kinds of tricks hidden, and the owner will be fooled if he is not careful. When checking the quotation given by the decoration company, we must not be careless. In addition to the most direct digital information, the problems of the text part and the unit of measurement cannot be ignored. These common greasy things must be seen clearly

Introduction to the five common tricks in decoration quotation:

tricks 1: persuade to use unknown brand materials

in decoration, the main materials account for a large part of the decoration cost, and some decoration companies often make an article in this regard. They will cooperate with some small brand materials and use various arguments to persuade owners to choose these unknown material brands, but the fees of these materials are not much preferential, but there is little guarantee in quality. Decoration companies often earn the price difference

tricky 2: incomplete marking of material information

in the decoration quotation, some companies often do not mark the information of the materials used in the decoration completely, only indicating what materials will be used, but the specific brand, model, quantity and other information of the materials will not be directly indicated. The owner thought it was this kind of material, but during construction, the decoration company will replace it with some lower grade materials. If the owner wants to replace it with better quality materials, he needs extra money

tricky three: the unit of measurement is not unified

when viewing the decoration quotation given by the decoration company, the owners often focus on the actual number and pay little attention to the unit of measurement. Therefore, some decoration companies will do some tricks on the unit of measurement. Some units of measurement are square meters, some units are meters, and some units are items. From the quotation, the decoration budget is very low, but after changing to a unified unit of measurement, the decoration budget suddenly rose by a large margin

tricky four: omit some project charges

many owners are not very familiar with the decoration industry. Therefore, some companies often omit some decoration projects in the decoration quotation, so the overall decoration cost is not so high, and it is not easy for owners to find the problems. However, in the actual decoration process, these projects are steps that cannot be saved. Therefore, decoration companies often charge these fees in the actual construction. The owners are attracted by the low decoration cost, but the actual cost is much higher in the end

tricky five: repeated billing of some projects

some decoration companies often repeatedly calculate some fees to charge more money from the owner. For example, in the materials, the material cost of hardware has been charged, but in the installation of doors and windows, in addition to the construction cost, the cost of hardware will be charged again. Such repeated billing always makes the owners spend double the cost unconsciously

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