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We are gradually growing up, and gradually getting married and having our own lovers and children. But in this gap of growth, inadvertently looking back, you will find that your parents, who love you most in the world, have an increasingly aging face, an increasingly rickety back, and an increasingly clumsy step As children, I only hope that parents can be healthy and filial, so that parents can enjoy their old age and spend every day happily. However, their physical fitness has declined, their adaptability has declined, and their disease resistance is weak, so they are very vulnerable to the impact of the environment. When their parents are old, as children, it is difficult for us to stay with them often. In order to make the elderly comfortable and secure, we might as well let them live in a home guarded by the overall background wall

the elderly should pay attention to regular ventilation in their rooms to keep the indoor air fresh and ensure the indoor air quality. It is also necessary to maintain the appropriate indoor humidity, which helps to maintain the normal function of the respiratory tract of the elderly. The whole background wallboard adopts multi-layer solid wood as raw material, which does not contain any substances harmful to human body. It can also adjust the indoor humidity and make the elderly breathe more freely. The quality of sleep also declines when people get old, and we living in cities are often troubled by noise, so we might as well choose solid wood wallboards when decorating, which produce perfect diffuse reflection of sound, effectively buffer the impact of bass and bass, and the material itself has a good absorption of bad sharp waves of sound, so as to form a perfect three-level noise reduction function in the space and greatly improve the sleep quality of the elderly

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