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Over the years of development, the wardrobe industry has been committed to channel construction. For enterprises, there are also some imperfections in system construction on the road of channel construction. Then, what unreasonable construction should be avoided on the road of channel construction of wardrobe enterprises? The author will analyze one or two. Three major points in the development of wardrobe need to be particularly avoided. The 2017 overall wardrobe brand Deville

first, confidence communication is not smooth.

in the marketing channel system of wardrobe enterprises, another important problem is the poor information communication among channel members and the untimely feedback of market information. The marketing structure of the enterprise is not flat enough. The general dealers, primary and secondary dealers, including the marketing members inside and outside the enterprise, too many marketing links and members will be delayed in the transmission and feedback of market information

a wardrobe enterprise launched new products in the fourth quarter of 2016. At that time, it announced and communicated with the members of various marketing channels about the media launch plan three months in advance. However, due to market factors, the time of its media launch was delayed by half a month. The self-supporting channel members received the relevant adjustment information on time, while the channel members of wholesalers failed to get the updated information about the changes of media launch, The unsmooth information communication has caused the asymmetry of information acquisition of channel members, resulting in the disconnection between terminal activities and media delivery. It is conceivable that the lack of media launch to cooperate with the activities of new products is cold at the retail terminal, which directly causes the waste of resources and economic losses of wholesalers in the retail channels they cover

second, the lack of channel supervision mechanism

some wardrobe enterprises lack the ability to supervise the behavior of channel members in the whole marketing channel system. In the early stage of the speculation of these channel members, the corresponding symptoms will appear, and the supervision of the elements will prevent the conflict in time

for example, the cross regional sales of channel members can form an effective early warning mechanism through the comparison of their sales data over the years. In the early stage of cross regional sales, channel members will prepare products for this, so that the purchase quantity of one or several products in a period of time is significantly higher than that in the same period last year, and some even reach several times. If there is a perfect comparison and early warning system for the purchase quantity of each member, it can be found in the early stage of channel members' behavior and avoid the occurrence of marketing channel conflict

the supervision of market behavior focuses more on the implementation and standardization of market behavior of marketing channel members, including the implementation of promotional activities, the maintenance of market prices, the use of gifts, etc. Enterprises have a minimum price limit for each product every year, and no retailer can sell below this price, otherwise they will be punished. And often in the market, the price of products sold by a retail channel in the charge of key customers of the company is lower than the minimum price set by the company. In this case, enterprises are both playing the role of rule makers and rule breakers. Lack of monitoring mechanisms for such retail channels is a major factor. When a product offers a large amount of single product profit transfer, unless it is a general profit transfer that all marketing members can enjoy, it should first consider the adverse impact of the price after the profit transfer on other members of the marketing channel. In the profit transfer of such products, it is suggested that the relevant approval functions should effectively supervise and control the resource allocation that may form channel conflicts, so as to eliminate possible problems at the source

third, the positioning of online sales is unclear and the structure is unreasonable

with the popularity of the Internet, the advantages of e-commerce sales platforms are becoming more and more obvious. Rich product selection, convenient payment functions, door-to-door delivery and other characteristics have attracted a large number of post-80s and post-90s consumers, and have achieved rapid development in just a few years. Hundreds and thousands of previously unknown products have gone to all parts of the country with the help of e-commerce platforms, It instantly became a well-known product and achieved rich market returns

after enterprises began to realize the development trend of e-commerce, they also saw the actual situation of their late start and lack of professional management in this marketing channel. In order to narrow the gap in a short time, wardrobe enterprises have adopted a large amount of sales resources to promote their development. To some extent, it does have a certain effect. The sales performance of enterprises in online sales is greatly improved every year. However, it must be pointed out that most of these achievements are diverted from offline traditional channels. In principle, online sales channels and traditional channels are aimed at different consumer groups, and online sales fill the gap of traditional channels in the region. In areas where online sales and traditional sales overlap, we must consider the balance between them. In terms of product sales price and resource delivery, we need to take into account the interests of all parties, rather than the extensive and brutal expansion of sales scale, which leads to a significant decline in offline sales in some regions, which is undesirable

for wardrobe enterprises, although channel construction is one of the essential factors for enterprise development, from the above content, enterprises still have unreasonable and nonstandard aspects in channel construction. Then, for the long-term development of enterprises in the future, wardrobe enterprises also need to reasonably establish their own strategies and make continuous adjustments with the development of the market in order to provide more efficient and better results, Finally, the enterprise will get huge profits

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