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On July 11, the 14th Guangzhou Construction Expo, known as the "first exhibition of Asian building materials", officially came to an end. The Guangzhou Construction Expo will last for four days, with a record exhibition area of 320000 square meters, bringing together thousands of building materials industry giants and well-known brands

as an exhibitor of the exhibition, the yama King floor and wooden door exhibition hall covers an area of more than 200 square meters, the largest area of previous exhibitors. At the same time, in terms of decoration and layout, it also reflects the ingenuity of King Yama. Through the careful preparation and planning in the early stage, King Yama exhibited the carefully designed and developed wooden door, floor and ship wood products. It not only caters to the latest needs of the home market, but also conforms to the concept of "integrated home exhibition area" first promoted by this Guangzhou Construction Expo. With rich product lines, new images with novel designs and numerous preferential policies for investment promotion, it has attracted the attention and consultation of merchants

in this exhibition, Yama King flooring ・ wooden door achieved gratifying results. It not only signed a number of dealers on site, but also learned about the market response of our products and the current demand situation of the local market from the feedback of many visitors and intended customers. It has laid a solid foundation for the company's next product structure adjustment and the further comprehensive development of the national marketing network

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