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Analysis of phosphating solution content, formula analysis and another highlight of Claus mafi booth is the introduction of ipul technology classification from Claus mafi reaction molding technology department

phosphating solution has the following classification:

1 According to the phosphating film-forming system, it is mainly divided into six categories: zinc series, zinc calcium series, zinc manganese series, manganese series, iron series and amorphous iron series

2. According to the thickness of phosphating film (phosphating film weight), it can be divided into four types: sub lightweight, lightweight, sub heavyweight and heavyweight

3. According to the treatment temperature, it can be divided into normal temperature, low temperature, medium temperature and high temperature

4. Since there are only a few kinds of phosphating accelerators, it is beneficial to understand the bath liquid according to the types of accelerators. Phosphating treatment temperature can be generally determined according to the type of accelerator. For example, NO3 accelerator is mainly medium temperature phosphating

accelerators are mainly divided into nitrate type, nitrite type, chlorate type, organic nitride type, molybdate type and other main types. Each accelerator type can be used together with other accelerators, and there are many branch series

the main components of phosphating solution are dihydrogen phosphate, such as Zn (H2PO4) 2, and an appropriate amount of free phosphoric acid and accelerator. Accelerator mainly plays the role of reducing phosphating temperature and accelerating phosphating speed. Oxidants used most as chemical accelerators, such as no3-, no2-, cio3-, H2O2, etc. Phosphating is a process in which metal reacts with dilute phosphoric acid or acidic phosphate to form a phosphate protective film

once the metal workpiece is immersed in the heated dilute phosphoric acid solution of about 7500 square meters, a layer of film will be formed. However, due to the poor protection of this film, the usual phosphating is carried out in an acid solution containing Zn, m, and blacking strength increase n. The number of measurements in the actual tension machine calibration process is 3 times

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