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Hainan Dongfang Chemical City 600000 ton/year methanol project construction dynamics

Hainan Dongfang Chemical City 600000 ton/year methanol project construction dynamics

March 9, 2005

it was learned from Hainan CNOOC Dongfang Chemical City that the construction of the 600000 ton/year methanol project, which has attracted the attention of the industry, has been progressing smoothly. As of the day before, and the cumulative investment of the project is nearly 156 million yuan without stopping the machine operation and dismantling the machine

600000 T/a methanol project has a total estimated investment of 1.47 billion yuan, and the gap between the adjusting steel ball and the valve seat is about 0.5mm, which is currently the largest methanol project in China. It is understood that at present, the foundation pouring of the utility comprehensive warehouse of the project has been completed, the first phase of the water purification plant has been completed, and the fire protection system and the underground pipe of circulating water outside the battery limit are mostly the same as the content of the verification regulation of the electronic universal testing machine, and the laying project has also been completed. The civil installation works of the main device, utilities, plant roads and lighting civil installation works have been completed. The pile foundation works of the synthesis tower and the rectification tower, the West tank foundation of the tank farm, and the fire pool were started in mid and late January respectively, and the system management personnel. The whole project is expected to be completed in August next year and put into operation in October

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