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Steel roof construction technology

steel frame technology has been widely used in large roofs and floors because of its simple structure, large span, reduced columns, light weight, low investment and other characteristics. Steel frame joints include steel plate welded joints, welded ball joints, bolt ball joints, etc; The commonly used connection forms are: plane derivative, quadrangular cone and triangular cone, etc; Generally, the installation methods are: high-altitude scattered assembly method, strip and block installation method, high-altitude sliding method, integral hoisting method, etc

the following is the steel frame construction technology of the waiting hall of Xinfeng station building of Beijing Kowloon Railway

1. Project overview (as shown in Figure 1)

Figure 1 Xinfeng station plan

Xinfeng station is located in the South Jiangxi Section of Beijing Kowloon Railway. The station building is a 500 person linear secondary intermediate station, with a construction area of more than 1800 square meters, and the waiting hall has a floor height of 9.5m and a span of 24 × 24m, the roof type is designed as steel frame, bolt ball joint, upright pyramid structure (as shown in Figure 2)

Figure 2 upright pyramid preparation for corrosion resistance test, pyramid spacing 3 × 3M, 2.7m high, it is a top chord bearing, and the periphery is supported on the beam by 26 steel bearings (as shown in Figure 3). The rod adopts φ seventy-six × 5 seamless steel pipe, bolt ball diameter 220mm, bearing type is flat pressure type, all of which are made of Q235 steel. The support is connected as a whole by welding the transition plate welded with bolts and the embedded steel plate. The upper chord node ball supports the roof panel through the support, and the lower chord node ball is connected with a bolt tie rod to bear the keel ceiling

figure Canada Magna inte plastic granulator industry should constantly improve the technical level. Rnational company launched the concept car "MMLV (multi material lightweight vehicle)" with multiple lightweight materials. Three plane form drawings

2 Construction technology preparation

2.1 construction scheme determination

during the construction of the steel frame of the waiting hall, the construction of the concrete frame of the building has been completed. Without construction, the electronic control experimental machine controlled by the microcomputer uses the electronic extensometer to detect the deformation rate and collect the engineering interference. Due to the limited space of the site, it is impossible to use large lifting equipment. After demonstration, it is decided to set up a full hall of scaffolding and use the high-altitude scattered method. The scaffold is not only used as a support, but also as a working platform. The rod is processed by the manufacturer. The assembly sequence is determined as follows: connect the support, then push from one end to the other end, and each frame is butted from two ends to the middle

construction sequence: rod processing - scaffold erection - Aerial splicing - camber adjustment - welding and fixation - scaffold removal

2.2 machinery and labor organization

machinery table 1

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