Consumers are also responsible for the over packag

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Consumers also have moon cake overpacking

yesterday, there was obvious deformation before reaching the maximum load Pb, and then it broke. On the day, Ms. Li, a citizen of Chengdu, received a box of moon cakes sent by her friends: this box of moon cakes is only 8 pieces in total, with a net weight of 520 grams, and the specification of the oil used can be seen from the specification of oil, but the box of moon cakes weighs more than 4 kilograms (West China Metropolis Daily, September 2)

buying a pearl is just a fable, and it is estimated that no one will do so in real life. But in the packaging of moon cakes, modern people do have a bit of a sense of buying and returning beads. Many people buy moon cakes, not to see the moon cake seasoning in the box, but mainly to see whether the box packaging moon cakes is exquisite and good-looking, because the box is good-looking. If you send it as a gift, your face will look good. From this point of view, for the increasingly fierce phenomenon of luxury packaging of moon cakes in the market, consumers are really suspected of helping the tyranny

for the luxurious packaging of moon cakes, it seems that they are sold before they are bought, but in fact, on the contrary, they are sold only after they are bought first. If the luxury packaged moon cakes produced by merchants this year are neglected and a large number of them are unsalable, will they continue to produce them next year? Now there are so many businesses producing moon cakes, and the competition is so fierce, it is entirely the consumers who decide the production activities of producers. It is consumers' preference for luxury packaged moon cakes that makes luxury packaged moon cakes popular in the market

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