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Shenzhen Fuyong professional maintenance transformer construction scheme

Shenzhen Fuyong professional maintenance transformer construction scheme

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Shenzhen Fuyong professional maintenance transformer construction scheme

transformer maintenance function: prevent aging and damage of transformer core insulation. Aging of iron core insulation or damage of clamping bolt sleeve will cause great eddy current in the iron core, causing long-term heating of the iron core and aging of insulation. Ensure good contact of wires. Poor contact of the internal connectors of the coils, poor contact of the connection points between the coils, the contacts leading to the bushings at the high and low voltage sides, and the fulcrum on the tap changer will cause local overheating, damage insulation, short circuit or open circuit. The high-temperature arc generated at this time will decompose the insulating oil and produce a large amount of gas, which will increase the pressure in the transformer. When the pressure exceeds the protection setting of the gas breaker without tripping, an explosion will occur. Shenzhen transformer maintenance transformer maintenance coil transformer maintenance short circuit fault - professional transformer maintenance company

transformers are often seen in our life. Using transformers to stabilize voltage can help us use electricity safely and protect the safety of electrical appliances at home. In fact, there are many types and specifications of transformers. Different specifications of transformers have different meanings. Our common transformer, such as dry-type transformer, is scb10-1000kva/10kV/0.4kV. The meaning of dry-type transformer is that s represents this kind of transformer as a three-phase transformer. If s is replaced by D, it means that this transformer is a single-phase transformer. And C means that the transformer winding is a resin cast solid, that is, a dry-type transformer. B refers to foil winding. If B is replaced by R, it refers to wound winding. If l, it refers to aluminum winding. If Z, it refers to on load voltage regulation. If it is copper, it is not marked. 10 indicates the design serial number, also known as the technical serial number. 1000KVA refers to the rated capacity of this transformer (1000 kVA). 10kV means lagging loss of primary rated voltage, and 0.4kV means secondary rated voltage. Next, Shenzhen Yingtong power will introduce transformer maintenance, precautions for transformer operation, abnormal phenomena of transformer and their causes

how to choose the reactor for frequency converter

how to choose the reactor for frequency converter? Next, the selection of rated AC current, voltage drop, inductance, inductance of corresponding rated current and cable length are analyzed

1 . Selection of rated AC current

rated AC current is the long-term working current of the reactor designed from the aspect of heating, and sufficient high-order harmonic components should be considered at the same time. That is, the actual current flowing through the output reactor is the output current of the inverter motor load

2. Voltage drop

voltage drop refers to the actual voltage drop at both ends of the reactor coil corresponding to the actual rated current at 50Hz. Usually, the voltage drop is about 4v~8v

3. Selection of inductance

rated inductance of reactor is also an important parameter! If the inductance is not properly selected, it will directly affect the change of voltage drop under the rated current, resulting in faults. The inductance depends on the cross-sectional area of the reactor core, the number of turns of the coil and the adjustment of the air gap. The inductance of the output reactor is determined according to the cable length within the rated frequency range, and then the cross-sectional area of the iron core and wire under the corresponding inductance requirements are selected according to the actual rated current of the motor, so as to determine the actual voltage drop

4. Corresponding to the inductance of rated current and cable length:

cable length rated output current inductance

300 meters 100A 46 h

200A 23 h

250A 16 h

300A 13 h

600 meters 100A 92 h

200A 46 h

250A 34 h

300A 27 h

the ideal reactance should be at or below the rated AC current, and the inductance should remain unchanged with the installation of the anchor screw. As the current increases,increase, while the inductance gradually decreases

when the rated current is greater than 2 times, the inductance is reduced to 0.6 times of the rated inductance

when the rated current is greater than 2.5 times, the inductance is reduced to 0.5 times of the rated inductance

when the rated current is greater than 4 times, the inductance is reduced to 0.35 times of the rated inductance

summer is the peak of power consumption, so this time is a very test of the transmission equipment in the store. As an important part of the transmission and distribution equipment, the transformer plays a vital role in changing the voltage and current, so it is also used very frequently. Because of this, the probability of transformer failure increases greatly during the peak period of power consumption in summer, and the probability of failure also increases. What is the transformer? Let's first understand the structure of the transformer. The transformer is composed of iron core, winding, sleeve and other components that ensure the normal operation of Jinan gold testing machine. The sleeve plays the role of insulating and fixing the oil tank, and is exposed to the outside wind blowing day 1.2 The repeatability of the main swing bearing of the experimental machine is out of tolerance. Because the main swing bearing is in a relatively sealed environment, the environment also has a great impact on it. Shenzhen Yingtong transformer maintenance - repair Transformer_ Detection and management_ Solve various difficult faults professional maintenance Shenzhen Fuyong professional maintenance transformer construction scheme

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