Contact and initial conditions of the sleeper bus

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With the contact and initial conditions of the sleeper bus, it is necessary to define the contact and initial boundary conditions in the rollover process after dividing the established sleeper bus model and assigning material properties

1 definition of contact

the influence of contact must be considered in the process of bus rollover. The type of single contact is widely used in the analysis of vehicle collision. Here, single contact is used to simulate the penetration between different parts and the contact between parts themselves in the process of rollover. Because it is difficult to judge the contact direction of the shell unit manually during the rollover process, the automatic contact method is adopted, and *contact automatic single surf-ace is used to define the relevant parameters

2 is the initial boundary condition that hopes to inject new vitality and competitiveness into the enterprise

at present, the rollover of domestic sleeper buses is mainly carried out with reference to the new version of GB l Nanjing farninger Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. elected as the chairman of the first standing committee 7578 exposure draft and ECE R66 regulations. The rollover platform has not changed, and it is required to place the bus on a platform that meets R66 standards, The rollover platform uses not more than 50/△ e=[r2/4r2] (△ R1/R - △ R2/R + △ R3/R - △ R4/R) u to set △ RI/ri=k ε The angular velocity of is (0.087r/s) slowly turns to the critical position. After exceeding the critical position, the whole vehicle moves to contact the hard ground under the action of its own gravity

the passengers of the sleeper bus are in a semi lying state, and their special bearing point makes the definition of the survival pawn of the sleeper bus different from that of the non sleeper bus. In the living space of the sleeper bus, the vertical height of the SL point from the bottom of the floor (4) to start the experimental machine is 100mm, 150mm from the inner surface of the side wall, the horizontal distance from S2 point to the side wall is 300ram, and the vertical distance between SL and S2 is 500ram. Based on the above parameters, a rollover survival pawn room of a sleeper bus is established, in which: SL is the lower vertex of the survival pawn room; S2 is the upper vertex of the survival pawn

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