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High and low voltage construction scheme and technical measures

1. Principle of construction layout

(1) the electrical layout in the project area is very compact, and there is less land for temporary facilities available in the site. During construction layout, the existing open space should be fully used, and the principle of not occupying or occupying less land for permanent facilities should be taken as the principle

(2) make full use of the terrain and regional conditions, and make a reasonable layout, which should be conducive to production, easy to manage, and easy to live, and comply with the relevant national regulations on safety, fire prevention, health, environmental protection, etc. the facilities directly serving production should be as close to the construction site as possible, while the living and warehouse facilities should be arranged behind

(3) make flood control safety and environmental protection plans according to the provisions of the contract, and take necessary measures to protect the excavated slope around the temporary facilities

2. Construction transportation

on site transportation: the company arranges multiple transportation vehicles and cranes to organize transportation to ensure the transportation and installation of electrical equipment

3. Water, electricity, wind and communication

(1) water supply: for construction water, it is considered to use pumps to extract the nearby river water

(2) power supply: since the site substation provided by Party A is far away from the construction site of the project, and the power consumption of the project is less, the construction of the project considers to provide a 30kW and a 50KW diesel generator set to supply power according to the construction needs

(3) air supply: the amount of rock excavation in this project is small. It is planned to use hand-held air drills for blasting and drilling, and three jwg-3/7 diesel mobile air compressors are used for air supply

(4) communication: contact with the telecommunications department to install a program-controlled console before construction, and the project manager and deputy manager use mobile to communicate externally

4. Production facilities, warehouses and stockyards

(1) gravel: the rubble and gravel used in the project are considered to be purchased in the nearby quarries, transported to the construction site by dump trucks and stored in grades, and the reserves are set according to the consumption of 3-4 days of concrete pouring strength

(2) concrete production system: the total amount of concrete in this project is small, and the strength is small. It is planned to set up a concrete mixing station in the substation. A 0.4m3 concrete mixer is arranged in the mixing station to meet the construction needs of concrete and precast concrete in the civil engineering of the substation. It is equipped with a 50t cement tank and an 80m2 sand and gravel stockyard. See "general layout of construction" for the layout of concrete production system

(3) concrete Prefabrication Yard: the amount of prefabrication concrete is small, and the Prefabrication Yard is arranged on the open space in the station and the access road, based on the principle of not affecting the foundation construction in the station

(4) reinforcement Wood processing plant: Jean Floyd, CEO of stratolaunch systems, said: "This is the first aircraft project of the same kind. The amount of reinforcement is small. The reinforcement is stacked in the open air and temporarily stored with tarpaulin. The reinforcement processing plant covers an area of about 100m2. The formwork is mainly steel formwork, supplemented by wood formwork. The timber is purchased from the building materials market. The wood formwork processing plant covers an area of about 100m2. The reinforcement and wood formwork processing plant are arranged on the access road. See the" general construction layout plan "for details

(5) on site duty room and tool labor protection warehouse: set on the platform beside the access road, with a total construction area of 60 m2

(6) brick yard: arranged on the access road near the main control building

(7) derrick and Winch: used for vertical transportation of raw materials and concrete for civil engineering of main control building and high voltage switchgear room, and arranged close to the main control building

5. Temporary housing construction and public facilities

temporary housing construction and public facilities include offices, laboratories, staff living rooms, canteens, bathrooms, toilets, etc. Due to the wide scope of the project, a row of temporary sheds are planned to be set up in the project area as living and office buildings, and the insufficient part is rented locally

see the "general construction layout plan" for the layout location of various production auxiliary facilities, and see table

for the planned consumption of various temporary facilities.

II. Cable construction organization design

(I) construction method

1. General provisions for cable line construction

1.1 the embedded iron parts of the cable trench support layer are complete, and the position, height and spacing meet the requirements of the design drawings

1.2 the plane and elevation turning radius of cable trench shall meet the requirements of cable bending radius. Multi core cross-linked cable R ≥ 15d, single core cross-linked cable R ≥ 20d

1.3 the pipe orifice should be free of burrs and sharp edges and corners. The pipe orifice should be made into a horn shape. The bending radius of the cable duct should not be less than the minimum allowable bending radius of the cable penetrated. The connection of the cable duct should meet the requirements of the acceptance specification

1.4 installation of cable support

(1) the installation of cable support should be positioned according to the size of the design drawing, and each layer of the support is on the same horizontal plane, and its height deviation should not be greater than 5mm

7 years of remarkable results (2) the support in the cable trench should be welded with flat iron along the trench and reliably grounded; The welding shall be firm and reliable. The welding slag shall be completely removed at the welding position, and two coats of antirust paint and one coat of finish paint shall be applied. The anti-corrosion method of grounding flat iron shall be hot-dip galvanizing or according to the design requirements

1.5 cable fire prevention

effective flame retardant materials shall be used to block the wall holes and the openings at the bottom of the panel and cabinet where the cable passes through

1.6 drainage

in the cable trench in the section with high groundwater level, the installation with drainage should be considered

2 cable laying

2.1 the cable laying method adopts the combination of machinery and manpower. The general road section adopts mechanical laying, and the construction is operated in accordance with the operation instructions for high voltage cable laying

III. construction scheme of high and low voltage lines:

1. Transportation:

① transportation of cement poles: after the cement poles are in place, they are transported to the site by trolley and put in place respectively

② transportation of conductor and three coils: after the conductor is in place, it is loaded and bound firmly with a paying off truck, and then transported to the site with a four-wheel truck for paying off. After the three plates are in place, they are transported to the site by car for installation

2. Implementation of construction schedule:

① construction in cultivated land can be carried out before spring planting or after autumn harvest, which can be changed according to the specific situation

② construction in other sections shall be carried out with the construction schedule

3. Construction method:

① cement pole Rising: after the cement pole arrives at the site, use a 12 ton crane to erect the pole, and manually straighten the plastic granulator, which is also China's major energy consumer and backfill. Before the cement pole is erected, the cross arm shall be installed for pole assembly

② assembly of new switch board: after the cement pole is assembled, four people assemble the switch board hardware, leads and switch installation, and the installation standard is in accordance with the design drawings

③ wire erection: for the reconstruction project, the old line with new line is used for setting out, and the vehicle is used for traction. During the traction process, the communication must be kept unblocked to prevent the occurrence of wire jam, wire breakage and other faults

project construction management

1. Submit the construction budget, commencement application, approved construction scheme and construction measures (construction organization design) to the production department. Sign the construction contract with the production department for the projects that have been approved to start construction, and handle the commencement procedures

2. Main conditions for the commencement of the project:

(1) the project has been approved and the investment has been issued

(2) external conditions have been implemented

(3) the internal engineering kick-off meeting has been signed

(4) the economic contract has been signed

(5) construction preparations have been completed (including measurement and positioning)

(6) joint review of construction drawings is completed

(7) the construction materials have been ordered and can continuously meet the construction requirements

(8) the construction organization design (construction organization measures) has been approved

(9) the construction site has met the construction needs

(10) construction forces have gathered

(11) the coordinates for construction have been positioned and the water level has been set

(12) the commencement report has been approved

3. The commencement report shall specify the commencement preparation, construction schedule, quality standards and executed construction specifications

4. During the construction process, carefully implement the relevant construction technology and quality standards, and strictly control the construction quality

5. During the construction process, cooperate with the on-site Supervisor (or quality inspector) to jointly solve the technical problems in the construction

6. The concealed works must be supervised by the supervisor (or quality inspector) and signed on the concealed construction record. The project leader shall organize the acceptance of the concealed works

7. The on-site visa during construction must be signed by the representative of the construction unit, the supervision engineer, the project leader and the project auditor before it takes effect. The visa of large quantities shall be submitted by the project leader to the leader in charge for approval before construction. For those related to the design, the designer shall sign

8. After the commencement of the production project, fill in the weekly report of the production period as required and report it to the production department on time every Friday. If the construction period of the project exceeds one month, the construction schedule shall be submitted to the production department every month, and the report must be signed by the project leader and the supervising engineer

9. The supervising engineer shall carry out supervision work during project construction. Especially for concealed works, relevant evidence and data shall be preserved to ensure the construction quality

10. Strengthen technical management during construction and establish and improve technical management system

11. During the construction process, establish a construction record book and a supervision log to record in detail the main process of the project construction (including the methods, measures, quality standards, process standards, etc.)

12. The engineering construction records must be filled in completely and in line with the actual situation, and should be signed by the supervising engineer

13. Assign special personnel to be responsible for the data collection, sorting and archiving of the whole project construction

14. The project construction must fully implement the safety production policy of "safety first, prevention first", fully ensure the safety and health of employees in the process of labor, and implement the principle of "safety is the basis of benefits, and we must manage safety to grasp benefits", and take the first leader as the first person in safe construction

15. During the construction preparation period, carry out comprehensive safety measures construction training and education for the personnel participating in the construction, seriously implement the idea of "safe construction, everyone has rules", summarize the experience and lessons, and establish a safe construction system with safety first as the core

16. Carry out hazard analysis and safety disclosure at the daily project commencement meeting. Take all favorable measures to open the oil delivery valve to prevent all accidents

17. Carefully implement the safety related operation specifications and technical specifications of the "Regulations on safety construction management of electric power construction". On the premise of ensuring safe production, complete the production task with quality and quantity

18. The temporary workers employed in the project construction shall go through the relevant employment procedures in advance, carry out safety construction education, and sign relevant labor contracts or agreements

19. Establish and improve the quality assurance system during construction preparation. Strengthen supervision and inspection during construction and carry out strict quality control

20. Carefully implement the intermediate acceptance during the construction process, especially the acceptance of concealed works. After passing the acceptance, proceed to the next process

21. The project implements the lifelong quality system

22. Strictly implement the construction procedures and industrial technical standards, and take all effective measures to prevent the occurrence of quality accidents

IV. construction technical measures

I. quality inspection of raw materials and equipment

1. Raw materials and equipment used in power line engineering must meet the following requirements:

have the ex factory quality inspection certificate of the product

1) there are various quality inspection data that meet the current relevant national standards

2) for products without inspection data or for product inspection results

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