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Gaoyou European transformer contact information

Gaoyou European transformer contact information

oil transformer price. Some energy-saving transformer manufacturers pointed out that the operation time of energy-saving distribution transformers is short, and there are some controversial questions that users cannot completely bear, such as the poor functional stability, poor short-circuit resistance, increased noise and loss of amorphous alloy distribution transformers after operation. Testing standards and testing skills lag behind the development of products, and there is a lack of product function evaluation and rating systems and techniques that can represent different levels of slow production processes. The development of transformer technology is improved step by step, especially now the level of intelligence and various informatization is continuously increased. It is expected that manufacturers will continue to reform and promote, so there are more dynamics in transformers. At this time, manufacturers should pay attention to development! The price of professional oil transformer transformer is a product that takes time and experience to manufacture. Especially today, when the manufacturers are constantly developing and transforming, the implementation of transformers for various manufacturers also plays an important role in human and material resources. In the future, the production and various tests of transformers should continue to implement the transformation of transformers, which requires the use of renewable energy to produce transformers. 8 After long-term use, if the arc surface of the clip shows signs of crushing, the clip should be replaced. The transformer should also implement energy conservation and environmental protection in various operations, and ensure the most fundamental use of the transformer. In this way, the transformer can take a greater step on the road of energy conservation and environmental protection

let's introduce it now! Pay attention to keep the pressure constant during hot pressing, and immediately process the punching cushion block after unloading from the hot press. The time should not be too long, generally not more than 5D, to avoid moisture absorption. The control of the total height of the spacer on each brace shall be improved during the threading and matching of the spacer, so that the spacer on each brace is stressed evenly, the height difference of the brace on the same winding shall be controlled within ± 1%, and the total height difference of the spacer on the different phase winding of the same product shall not be greater than 1.5%. The spacer blocks on the insulating end ring of the iron yoke shall be evenly distributed, the position tolerance shall be ± 2mm, the thickness shall be the same, and the tolerance shall be controlled within ± 1mm. Winding of oil transformer winding when the filling thickness of the radial cushion strip of the winding cake exceeds 20mm, the formed laminated parts should be selected, or the interlayer cushion strip, inner diameter cushion strip and outer diameter cushion strip filled with radial dimension should be put into the drying oven for drying, the moisture in the cushion strip should be eradicated, and the cushion strip should be soaked in transformer oil after coming out of the oven

Xuzhou Debang Power Equipment Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the sales and leasing of American transformers, high-voltage transformers, high-voltage cabinets, switchgear, 630kVA box transformers, community transformers, heating transformers, oil transformers, low-voltage cabinets, transformers, oil transformers, switchgear, 630kVA box transformers, etc

key table at the moment, on the one hand, there is a strong market demand for energy-saving transformers. On the other hand, the current scattered situation of the energy-saving distribution transformer market, coupled with the constraints of low entry threshold, uneven enterprises, lack of definitions and standards, technical bottlenecks, high prices, insufficient subsidies and other factors, has led to the slow promotion of energy-saving transformers in China. Boiler transformers in our country are now relatively weak in terms of skills. The demand for energy-saving transformers increases costs, and the price is relatively expensive for users. For transformer companies, energy-saving transformers also lack the same definition and definition label at this moment, so as to further improve China's standards for energy-saving transformers

our company always adheres to the enterprise tenet of "honesty and morality, people-oriented, quality and reputation first", and then within a period of time, we follow the enterprise spirit of being realistic and dedicated, pioneering and enterprising, daring to surpass and never-ending. The company has a group of experienced professional and technical personnel, a skilled and capable production team and advanced production equipment, a complete quality inspection system, with scientific management methods, humanized management system, innovative design and manufacture of the best quality products to repay the majority of users

7. The test result display function can automatically determine the test result 1025 new material industry performance (test passed or test failed), and can record the overcurrent, flicker or breakdown voltage of the test object; 8. The sound reminding function of test results. When the test passes or fails, the equipment will send out different reminding sounds, and the tester can simply recognize the test results by sound. Street lamp box transformer 9. High voltage test transformer pause function. In automatic mode, this function can complete the pause of boosting or reducing voltage at any point. The pause time can be flexibly grasped by the tester to facilitate insight into the phenomenon in the test process. 10. Automatic timing function

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ensures the stable development of the enterprise, ensures the quality of our products, and makes our products more professional, reasonable, humanized and systematic, ensuring our position in the industry. The company warmly welcomes customers to visit, guide, negotiate and negotiate, and is willing to sincerely cooperate with you to create brilliance

4. If the oil level is really too high (too low), immediately report to the dispatcher on duty and the relationship leader for solution. High voltage transformer leasing II. Treatment methods for abnormal low resistance temperature. If an excessive oil temperature (line temperature) signal is found during operation, it should be reported to the dispatcher on duty immediately, and the following on-site inspection and treatment should be carried out: 1 Check whether the on-site oil temperature and line temperature meter guidance exceed the allowable value; 2. Check whether the low reactance voltage and current are normal; 3. On site test whether the low anti noise and vibration are normal and whether the shell is overheated; 4. Compare the temperature value with the temperature under the previous similar voltage and current and other operating low reactance temperatures. If it is too high, it is considered that there are loopholes in the low reactance, and the dispatcher on duty should be required to stop the low reactance for inspection and treatment. If the power supply station (operation and maintenance unit) undergoing the work at this time does not reserve special connectors for insulated conductors in advance, there may be hidden safety hazards during the treatment of insulation layer plugging, and there will be a risk of disconnection in the future operation. Therefore, in the policy design of the agricultural reconstruction project, we should deliberately consider the new line connection problems that may appear in the future, and pre install the necessary number of junction boxes at the appropriate point to promote the rapid release of production capacity after the new fiber composite Changzhou plant is put into operation, so as not to leave potential safety hazards for the future connection work. Professional high-voltage transformer leasing transformer operation is a necessary condition. As one of the important places to produce transformers, transformer manufacturers must pay attention to relevant policies and, be sure to pay attention to safety issues every time, and adhere to the effective resolution plan of "safety is more important than Mount Tai" at all times

when compressing the winding, the pressure should not be less than 3Mpa, and each pressing pin should be tightened evenly. Do not tighten one completely in place, and then tighten the second one, so as to avoid local deformation of the winding. Transformer is one of the important equipments in electricity. Although equipped with lightning arrester, differential, grounding and other multiple protections, the accident rate is still high due to many factors such as complex internal structure, uneven electric and thermal fields. In the decade of 1970s, the annual average insulation accident rate of kV and above transformers was about 17.66 times, and accidents and heavy losses also occurred from time to time. Therefore, learn from foreign experience, use advanced monitoring equipment, and strengthen the state maintenance mode, so as to make the power supply more safe and reliable. Not only for transformers, other power facilities are the same, not to mention the high-voltage lines on the iron towers, but also those around us

2. The infrastructure meets the requirements of load, shockproof, bottom ventilation, etc. 3. The temperature control and temperature display devices of dry-type transformer are set at obvious positions for easy observation. 4. The door is made of non combustible or non combustible materials. The door is opened outward, marked with equipment name and safety warning signs, and protective doors, railings and other safety facilities are perfect. 5. Indoor ventilation and fire-fighting facilities comply with relevant regulations, ventilation ducts are well sealed, and ventilation holes are not connected with other ventilation systems. Today, our transformer manufacturer will explain in detail to everyone: the following are the steps and methods of common ground installations of dry-type transformers: 1. The room is clean, there are no other non building structural connection measures, and the top plate does not leak. 2. The basic measures meet the requirements of load, shockproof and bottom ventilation. 3. The temperature control and temperature display of dry-type transformer are arranged in distinct positions for easy inspection. 4. The room door is made of non combustible or non combustible materials, the door is opened outward, the door is marked with equipment name and safety warning signs, and protective doors, railings and other safety measures are perfect

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