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Three batches of unqualified copper concentrates were detected at Jiaxing Port in Zhejiang Province. Recently, five batches of copper concentrates from Romania have arrived at Jiaxing Port, which is the first time that copper concentrates have been directly imported at the port. Three batches of copper concentrates were found to be unqualified after inspection

the five batches of copper concentrate were consigned to the same domestic enterprise and shipped by two foreign companies, which were packed in 24 20 foot ordinary containers, with a total weight of 551.461 tons and a value of $524600. In view of the high value of copper concentrate and its first direct import, Zhejiang Jiaxing inspection and Quarantine Bureau checked the product information, inspection and quarantine requirements and key points of supervision in advance for two specific reasons: high material cost; The construction process is strict and complex, and inspection and quarantine are carried out

according to the relevant national regulations, the inspection and quarantine personnel have implemented a series of processes, such as radioactive detection, weighing instrument weight verification, sampling according to standards, sample delivery and so on, batch by batch and box by box. The upper limit temperature of 2000 can be set according to the construction standard of the clean operation Department of the hospital. The results show that the contents of radioactive and harmful elements of these five batches of copper concentrate meet the requirements of the national limit standard, but the gold content of two batches is only 3.4 g/ton, which does not meet the requirements of 4 g/ton agreed in the contract between the two parties. The cargo weight involved is 229.104 tons, and the cargo value is 209040 US dollars; The short weight of one batch of copper concentrate is 0.489 tons, and the short weight rate is 0.53%. The declared weight of this batch of goods is 92.721 tons, and the value of the goods is 88670 dollars. Therefore, Jiaxing Bureau issued the inspection certificate and weight data backup in time: the test certificate is used by the enterprise for external claims

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