Hottest March 22 China Plastics LLDPE market brief

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As of 10 a.m. on March 22, China's plastic price index rose 2.86 points to 1034.56 points. The China Plastics spot index rose 0.85 points to 1127.07

this will also have a certain impact on the development of the aluminum industry. First, upstream express:

NYMEX April 19 light and low sulfur crude oil futures contract closed down $1.52 to $80.68 per barrel, and the contract will expire on the 22nd. Ice 19 May Brent crude oil futures closed down $1.60 to $79.88 a barrel

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

PetroChina Southwest LLDPE is listed for sale, and the sales price is generally increased by 100 yuan/ton. The shipment is general, and the transaction is preferential

PetroChina East China LLDPE carries out listing sales, with stable sales prices and general delivery

the PE unit of Zhongyuan Petrochemical produced 7050, and the unit started to operate normally. It is reported that the overall inventory of Sinopec remained normal

Guangzhou Petrochemical LLDPE unit produced 7042 on the first line and 2001 on the other line. It is reported that petrochemical inventory remained normal

Tianjin Lianhua LLDPE plant switched to production 9004 last Friday; It is reported that the overall inventory of petrochemicals is slightly high. Tianjin ethylene HDPE plant produces T, petrochemical inventory remains high, and LLDPE plant continues to shut down

III. warehouse receipt dynamics:

the main variety of China plastic warehouse receipt LLDPE ll1005 opened at 11150 yuan/ton, up 9 PV friction testing machine rose 21 yuan/ton in the trading day; The latest trading volume was 165 tons, 5 tons less than the previous trading day; The order volume was 875 tons, an increase of 30 tons over the previous trading day; The latest price of ll1004 was 11200 yuan/ton, an increase of 71 yuan/ton over the previous trading day

IV. market situation:

the listing of China Plastics spot mall LLDPE this morning, a few two brands have been adjusted, with a range of yuan/ton. Dushanzi Petrochemical dadf-7042 reported 11350 yuan/ton. Yangzi Petrochemical dfda-7042 reported 11350 yuan/ton. Jilin Petrochemical dfda-7042 reported 11300 yuan/ton

Qilu Chemical City PE market rose yuan/ton, the rise of linear futures and the high settlement of CNPC North China at the weekend had a significant impact on traders' mentality, the supply of goods in the market was sufficient, and buyers' enthusiasm for transaction was general

the LLDPE market around the Central Plains increased by yuan/ton compared with last weekend. The supply of goods in the market is sufficient, and the high-level receiving of buyers is general. Market quotation: 7050/9050k does not include tax declaration yuan/ton, including any enterprise and business tax quotation yuan/ton

the trend of ultra energy conservation and emission reduction in Xiamen PE market is dominated by a weak steady-state trend. The wait-and-see atmosphere in the overall market remains the same, with businesses mainly holding goods to wait-and-see. Due to weak terminal demand, downstream buyers have low enthusiasm for purchasing, and the market trading atmosphere is depressed

the LLDPE market in Nanjing remained stable, traders maintained their offer at the end of last week, the lldpe/ldpe supply in the market was sufficient, and buyers were generally enthusiastic about transactions

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