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On March 24, China Plastics' spot HDPE Market Overview

China's plastic price index fell by 3.85 film blowing machine. New film blowing machines produced by the film blowing machine manufacturing industry include sheet film blowing machine, PE foam film blowing machine, multi-layer composite film blowing machine, color strip film blowing machine, heat shrinkable film blowing machine, etc. to 1283.48 points, and China Plastics' spot index fell by 0.15 points to 1267.24 points

I. upstream dynamics:

the New York Mercantile futures exchange was closed today, WTI crude oil was $101.84/barrel, which is more used for large-scale industrial use, and Brent crude oil was $100.38/barrel

II. Manufacturer dynamics:

Yangzi Petrochemical HDPE Plant line a produces 5000S, line B produces 5301b, line C produces 4803t, and LLDPE plant produces 1802

Qilu Petrochemical HDPE Plant line a produces 2480h, line B produces 1158, LLDPE plant produces 7042, and LDPE plant produces 2102tn26

Yanshan Petrochemical PE plant produces ld100bw in new high voltage, 1c7a in old high voltage line 1, 1i50a in line 2, 1c7a in line 3 and 5200b in low voltage line 1, which will not only cause wear and scratches on the surface of some parts; Line production 5000S

III. local market conditions:

the PE market in China plastic city has light trading, high-end prices are difficult to clinch deals, and traders' quotations are loose. Mainstream market price: HDPE: wire drawing material yuan/ton, injection plastic yuan/ton, film material microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo horizontal tensile testing machine adopts our company's mature universal testing machine technology yuan/ton, hollow material yuan/ton

the PE market price in Nanjing is mainly stable, and the transaction is flat. 7042 and 1802 are easy to trade at about 14100 yuan/ton. The turnover of 5000S is 13700 yuan/ton. 5306j goods are few, at yuan/ton

Changzhou PE market performance is general, with a slight decline in the quotation, the range is generally 50 yuan/ton, and the transaction is general

the PE market in Shunde is slightly weaker today, and traders are not enthusiastic about speculation. They mainly focus on shipping, and the high and low voltage quotations are relatively stable

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