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"Anti counterfeiting plastic bottle" - a major breakthrough in anti-counterfeiting technology

reading key: the most distinctive feature of this "anti-counterfeiting bottle" is that a "anti-counterfeiting ring" is added to the bottle mouth at the bottle blank stage, and the cost of producing "anti-counterfeiting ring" is only increased by about 0.02 yuan/bottle on the basis of the original bottle cap

at present, there are many brands of beverages (including drinking water) on the market, and the packaging form is mostly plastic (PET) bottles. However, plastic bottles that have not been damaged by impact are easy to be used by counterfeiters after being recycled. Filling "fake drinks" will damage the interests of consumers and severely punish the brand image of formal production enterprises. Therefore, enterprises spare no effort in the research and development of anti-counterfeiting technology, hoping to find more thorough anti-counterfeiting means to eliminate "counterfeiting"

a few days ago, manager Yan Yuguang of Kaili container anti-counterfeiting technology development Co., Ltd. in Xiangtan City, Hunan Province introduced us a "anti-counterfeiting bottle", which can fundamentally solve the problem of "recycled bottles" being reused. Manager Yan said that tens of thousands of anti-counterfeiting technologies appear every year, but most of them focus on high-tech products such as laser, password and other technologies or anti-counterfeiting of bottle caps. In fact, some problems are easier to solve from a different perspective. The most distinctive feature of this "anti-counterfeiting bottle" is to add an "anti-counterfeiting ring" at the mouth of the bottle in the bad stage, which will not affect the blow molding. After being filled and put on the market, it is almost no different from ordinary bottles in appearance, but when opening the bottle, the screw cap and the "anti-counterfeiting ring" will be destroyed at the same time (separated up and down), It will not fall off from the same mottled bottle body because the alloy produced by the breaking Hazlet method is a traditional deformed aluminum alloy, and will not affect the sealing after re capping, but it is impossible to reassemble and repair - the counterfeiter of empty bottles simply cannot re close the "anti-counterfeiting ring" again

according to manager Yan, this technology has obtained national patents, which is a good choice for both manufacturers and end users. The cost of this "anti-counterfeiting ring" is only increased by about 0.02 yuan/bottle cap on the basis of the original bottle cap, which is much lower than the cost of other bottle caps with characteristics at present. After use, end users can also advertise it as a "selling point" of sales, and I believe they will receive good sales performance

this technology has a wide range of applications. It can not only be used in beverages and drinking water, but also play a good anti-counterfeiting effect in wine, edible oil, drugs and other fields. At present, manager Yan is working on the technology transfer, and I believe that this product will be applied in the market soon

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