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Intelligent video surveillance accelerates the self-service strategy of banking business

with the development of the times and the increasing competition in the financial market, the main business of Chinese banks has gradually begun to change from extensive management to refined management. In the era of extensive operation, the customers of banks are mainly enterprise users, and the way of profit is mainly to earn interest margin through loan business. In the era of refined management, banks focus on the huge personal customer base for profit growth, and improve the overall profitability by developing and operating a variety of personal financial products

however, with the continuous expansion of personal customer base, the bank's business processing capacity has encountered a bottleneck, and improving the business processing capacity by employing staff will undoubtedly significantly increase the bank's human and management costs. Therefore, the major domestic banks take the self-service of business as one of the core strategies of enterprise development, expand the service scope and reduce the operating costs of various routes by building self-service points with perfect functions

1. The three elements of self-help banking business

whether self-help banking business can be effectively promoted can be attributed to whether the following three elements can be achieved:

1) many service points

2) full TPU is used for tissue culture scaffolds. There are also research cases in the United States. Azimuth security guarantee

3) automated business processes

as the core value of the output of financial security enterprises, Comprehensive security plays a very important role in the process of self-service banking. If security is not guaranteed, it is impossible for bank customers to conduct various transactions at self-service points. Without the recognition of customers, business self-service is impossible

2. At present, the problems faced by self-service points

as ATMs and self-service banks are far away from savings points, security is weak, and has become the main target of criminals in recent years. According to the survey statistics, from January to August 2008 alone, more than 3600 criminal cases of ATM and self-service bank have been filed, an increase of 40% over the same period in 2007, which is the fastest-growing type of crime. Table 1 lists several common criminal methods against self-service banks and ATMs

common self-service banking/atm criminal techniques

card swallowing + false prompt criminals install card swallowing devices at the ATM card socket, causing card swallowing failure, and post fake bank notices next to the ATM to trick the cardholder to contact the criminals who pretend to be bank staff according to the contact on the false notice, deceive the cardholder to say the bank card password, disburse the cardholder, take out the bank card from the ATM and steal the funds in the card

card swallowing + number theft criminals pasted MP4 cameras on ATMs and secretly photographed passwords. Number theft + fake card criminals use the ATM receipt discarded by the cardholder to steal the bank card number and other information to make fake cards, and then use the stolen cardholder password to withdraw money from the ATM

false prompt criminals posted fake bank announcements next to ATMs, requiring cardholders to transfer their bank card funds to designated accounts through ATMs within a limited time on the grounds of bank program debugging, etc., to steal cardholder funds

card swallowing + false access control or false keyboard number stealing criminals install card swallowing devices at the ATM card slot, resulting in card swallowing failure, so that the cardholder thinks the card has been swallowed and leaves; At the same time, stick a fake ATM keyboard on the standard configuration of ● accessories: wedge-shaped stretching accessories, tightening accessories and zigzag accessories, so as to steal the cardholder's password electronically, or install a fake access control to steal the cardholder's password. Then, take out the bank card and commit the crime with the obtained bank card password

the outlaws have achieved good economic and social benefits in advance by blocking the banknote outlet with specific devices. When the cardholder withdraws the money, it has come out of the ATM, but it is stuck. After the cardholder thought it was an ATM failure and left, the lawless elements took the money

block the cash outlet + false prompt + copy the bank card. Lawbreakers post the bank announcement of fake bank program debugging next to the ATM, and use specific devices to block the cash outlet. When the cardholder withdraws the money, it has come out of the ATM, but it is stuck. The cardholder contacts the illegal person who pretends to be a bank staff according to the contact on the false notice, deceives the cardholder to say the bank card number and password, and then copies the bank card

at present, the security of self-service banks and ATMs generally adopts the combination of closed-circuit television monitoring system, anti-theft alarm system and access control system. However, at this stage, the frequent theft of customers' bank card information and passwords mostly occurs in ATMs and self-service banks, and it is difficult to find criminals through ATM and self-service bank monitoring systems afterwards. Specifically reflected in the following aspects

(1) low monitoring efficiency

the existing ATM and self-service bank monitoring system is only a video transmission and real-time video system, and the monitoring of specific criminal events is manually completed by security personnel. This requires the security personnel to keep staring at the surveillance videos of dozens or hundreds of roads all the time, and maintain a high degree of attention to detect criminal incidents in time. In fact, this requirement is unrealistic for human beings. Therefore, it is impossible for the current monitoring system to detect criminal events against self-service points in time, such as pasting false notices, installing false card readers, etc

(2) there is a monitoring dead corner

the existing ATM cash loading monitoring is only for the monitoring of the cash loading process, and there is a lack of effective intelligent monitoring of the environment around the cash loading, and there is no real-time alarm prompt for abnormal behavior. Once a situation occurs, the consequences will be serious

(3) the alarm system is obsolete

the current ATM alarm system is mostly anti vibration alarm, which mainly aims at the illegal and criminal problems of violent destruction of ATM machines, and lacks detection and alarm functions for the current prominent illegal and criminal problems of stealing customers' bank card information and passwords

the security defects of the existing ATM and self-service banking systems affect the confidence of individual users in the security of self-service and restrict the development of more financial services on self-service devices, which is the most important problem encountered by banks in promoting self-service business. If the above problems can be solved, it can not only promote the development of self-service banking business, but also provide a broader self-service point security market for the majority of security manufacturers

3. The emergence and development of intelligent video analysis technology provides an effective and low-cost solution to the security problems of bank self-service points

intelligent video analysis technology refers to the use of image processing and pattern recognition algorithms to automatically identify events, behaviors, objects and even personnel identities in video. Using this technology to analyze the surveillance video of the self-service point can give a real-time alarm for abnormal events such as the installation of fake card readers keyboards, the intrusion of the security range of banknote loading, and even give an early warning of possible criminal events by identifying the identity of the teller (face recognition comparison with the blacklist database). Intelligent video analysis technology transforms the manual monitoring process into automatic monitoring process, liberates the security personnel from the long and boring monitoring work, and focuses on dealing with various emergencies, which greatly improves the monitoring efficiency. In addition, by using the solution of intelligent video processing technology, only adding a video processor to the existing video path can complete the upgrade of the existing system, with low economic cost and real-time difficulty, as shown in Figure 1

as a leading intelligent video technology manufacturer at home and abroad, Haixin Zhisheng launched a series of intelligent analysis products for the security of bank self-service points, including:

ATM intelligent analyzer

ATM intelligent analyzer integrates the world's leading behavior recognition and automatic face capture algorithm, which can analyze ATM monitoring videos in real time and detect abnormal events (malicious pasting, installing fake card readers, etc.). At the same time, Automatically capture and record high-quality facial images of personnel. The generated logs can be transmitted to the background system through the network or stored locally. The ATM intelligent analyzer can be seamlessly integrated with the traditional video surveillance system, reasonably optimize the system, improve security capabilities, and effectively curb financial crimes against ATM

self service bank identification analyzer

self service bank intelligent analyzer is an embedded intelligent video analysis and processing device specially used for self-service bank, which can monitor abnormal behaviors in the scene in the self-service bank hall in real time (multi person gathering, personnel wandering, abnormal personnel posture, items left behind, etc.), especially suitable for night monitoring. Users can customize the alarm type and level according to their needs. The alarm information will be transmitted to the monitoring center through the network, and can be linked with other devices in the self-service bank. The intelligent analyzer of self-service bank can be seamlessly integrated with the traditional video monitoring system to effectively improve the security capability of self-service bank

banknote loading alarm analyzer

banknote loading alarm analyzer is an intelligent video processing device specially used to monitor and alarm the self-service banknote loading process. The equipment intelligently monitors the environment around the banknote loading. Once strangers break into the safe area and other abnormal events are found, the analyzer will immediately give an alarm to remind the escort to take precautions to avoid the occurrence of malignant events

now, Haixin Zhisheng's bank self-service point intelligent analysis series products have been applied to major commercial banks across the country, effectively making up for the shortcomings of the bank's traditional self-service point security system and improving the overall security level of self-service points. While helping bank customers promote the process of self-service business, financial security manufacturers will also create a growing market for themselves

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