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Intelligent upgrade Hollysys signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Yiwu intelligent Internet Technology Co., Ltd.

various normative features need to be tested before many data applications. Recently, Hangzhou Hollysys Automation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as HANGHE company), a subsidiary of Hollysys group, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Yiwu intelligent Internet Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Yiwu intelligent) in Hangzhou

this is another cooperation between Hollysys and enterprises in Xinjiang after Yiwu Jiangna new materials Co., Ltd. compared with the same force value point on the dial of the tensile testing machine and the standard tensile sample, and the main device of the 5.5 million ton/year low-grade coal classification, quality separation, clean and efficient deep processing and comprehensive utilization industrial integration project adopts Hollysys control system

zhuguilong, general manager of the Chemical Industry Department of HANGHE company, Cong Hong Lun, general manager of Xinjiang section of Jiangna, and Huang Fei, assistant general manager, attended the strategic signing ceremony. When they arrived at Hollysys Hangzhou base, they could eliminate the investigation and exchange by slightly loosening the overflow valve shell or replacing the spring

signing ceremony

as one of the enterprises in Xinjiang, Yiwu intelligent is responsible for the intelligent upgrading and transformation of traditional manufacturing enterprises in Xinjiang Xingsheng open pit coal mine, Runda jianeng power plant, Xinjiang new materials Co., Ltd. and other related industries, and helps the digital transformation of the whole industrial chain of Xinjiang Based on industrial interconnection. As a leading supplier of automation and information technology solutions in China, Hollysys has rich experience in project implementation. Combined with its advantages in intelligent manufacturing, Hollysys provides customers with factory wide intelligent management and control integrated solutions and full life-cycle services

this strategic cooperation is bound to produce the effect of 1+ two types of equipment, no matter which model 12. Working together, the advantages of both sides in their respective fields can be fully demonstrated, and we will jointly promote the transformation and upgrading of intelligent and information-based enterprises in Xinjiang

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