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Intelligent video analysis leads the new era of video surveillance editor's note: in recent years, intelligent video analysis technology has developed rapidly. Intelligent video analysis technology and its market are slowly penetrating into various industries. The 2008 Beijing security exhibition has attracted many intelligent video analysis manufacturers

there are more and more cameras in the market, but there is not enough manpower to monitor; Even if real-time monitoring is carried out by manpower, events cannot be identified effectively; Traditional video surveillance can only be a passive tool for post inspection. The market urgently needs a monitoring system with intelligent video analysis to warn of hidden dangers, so as to achieve the purpose of prevention. The intelligent network video monitoring system solution can selectively set the area and rules that trigger the event according to the actual situation, such as: the target crosses the warning line, enters, leaves, appears, disappears in the predetermined area or stays, hovers in the predetermined area, and the target is abandoned, taken away, etc. Specific applications include airports, subways, light rails, railways, highways, high-end residential areas, Qinghai Tibet railway, Metro Line 5, No. 13, a port in Dalian, Beijing Tianjin railway, Pudong Airport, a campus in Hebei, a residential area in Guangzhou, a tunnel in Beijing, Olympic security, etc

technological innovation and utilization of intelligent video plastic materials. Frequency technology has broad application prospects.

video intelligent analysis technology and products have been applied in the high-end security monitoring market for many years. There are successful cases in the monitoring of airports, prisons, military bases and other large infrastructure. However, like other emerging technologies, video analysis technology still needs some time to truly enter the small and medium-sized monitoring market. In the small and medium-sized monitoring market, video analysis products are not mainstream products, but all public data are shared. Another function is to avoid the fact that data is casually recognized, so the question also follows: "how long does it take for video analysis products to become mainstream?"

different people will give you different answers to the above questions. In foreign countries, it will not change for several decades. Many industry users may tell you that video analysis has become a mainstream product, because many banks and supermarkets are already using it. Others may also say that this technology is not yet mature, and the price has not yet fallen to the level that allows agents to have profit margins. The compromise answer is: the game of video analysis is changing in the form of acceleration. Manufacturers have entered the mainstream market, and what they provide to the market is a simplified scheme that can meet the needs of small and medium-sized projects. Some people may say: No. The real mainstream market of video analysis is not in those small and medium-sized markets that are almost saturated. But the development trend is undeniable. The price is getting lower and lower, and video analysis is gradually entering the mainstream market

"Verint is always on the cusp of intelligent analysis", said mariannmcdonagh, vice president of Verint global market. "It will take about three years for intelligent analysis to become a widely accepted mainstream video surveillance product."

schematic diagram of intelligent analysis interface

role of video monitoring system analysis

in the "important infrastructure" market, the most commonly used function of video analysis technology is "intrusion detection". Large infrastructure, such as the airport, has too scattered boundaries, and one or more people cannot fully monitor all the boundaries. In this case, the camera/video encoder with video analysis function can fully demonstrate its ability. It can automatically detect suspicious objects that enter or leave a certain area in some specific places or at a specific time

however, this is not the video analysis technology required by the mainstream monitoring market. In fact, object (physical) security is only one of the many applications of intelligent video analysis technology. In order to provide retailers and banks with more effective and differentiated solutions, video analysis needs to be integrated with other systems. For example, banks will be vigilant against those who stand in front of ATMs but do not make any transactions. The camera with intelligent analysis function can detect a person standing in front of the ATM, but I don't know whether this person has made a transaction until the data is sent back from the ATM

video analysis system can also be used as an application to save energy in the future. For example, when the intelligent analysis system detects that there is no one in the room, it will automatically turn off all kinds of lighting equipment. Of course, the video analysis system can also help users search for certain specific behaviors and objects in a large number of video files afterwards. For example, you suspect that a red pickup truck has parked in your private parking space irregularly in the past three months. To determine this, instead of hiring a person to stay there for three months, it's better to search the video analysis system for red objects, the size of which is close to the small truck

video analysis technology is getting closer to us now, and its widespread use is only a matter of time. The surveillance cameras you see now may have analysis functions in the future

disadvantages of domestic video analysis technology development

ivs=intelligentvideosurveillance, which is the most popular term for video analysis technology at present. There is another voice description video analysis technology on the market

the current intelligent video technology is still in a very early stage. At this time, someone may argue that smart video is a new thing with so many functions. We can't use old shoes to measure whether smart video can adapt to our "current" perimeter protection system, but ask users to adjust their "shoes" to adapt to our new feet. Intelligent video manufacturers need to fundamentally convince users of the perimeter prevention idea, not focusing on the "two-dimensional virtual enclosure wall" above the fence, but "three-dimensional space area", such as the buffer zone outside the fence, the courtyard inside the fence, the area around important buildings, and so on. This is correct. It also shows the progress of intelligent video manufacturers. They no longer focus on the perimeter, but give more play to their own functional advantages

moreover, in terms of price, price is definitely a topic that current intelligent video technology manufacturers are unwilling to discuss. Even if they discuss it, they also discuss it with the idea of high labor cost abroad, especially when they often compare their agent price with the end-user price of traditional sensors. It should be said that the entry price is the pain of smart video; The unpredictable cost caused by continuous after-sales optimization service is the invisible killer of the application of intelligent video technology

finally, the convenience of application. Intelligent video is different from traditional sensor technology. Our traditional sensors pay attention to the living feeling, which is mathematical, logical and repeatable. Intelligent video is a virtual sensor, and the conclusion he gives is not necessarily true. For example, as long as something passes through the infrared radiation, it will definitely alarm. Although it may be people, animals, leaves, it is definitely a real shelter. However, for intelligent video, a dark cloud shadow, tree shadow and flash may lead to alarms. To prevent these false positives, complex debugging is required. There is no shortcut to this debugging, which requires a long time of trying. Setting false positives optimization false positives optimization, endless, weather changes and seasons change, may lead to false positives, which requires professional optimization. Obviously, convenience is not reflected

intelligent video manufacturers living in government orders must consider three issues if they want to achieve nirvana. After solving these three problems, the market will start naturally

the launch of a new generation of domestic intelligent video monitoring products

the field of intelligent video analysis and monitoring has always been dominated by foreign products, but it has done nothing because foreign technologies cannot enter the Chinese market and product prices remain high. Foreign manufacturers of video analysis IVS are mostly in the United States and Israel, Verint, objectvideo, nice, IOI, mate, etc. domestic manufacturers such as Hanwang, Wen'an, zhi'anbang, Ferris, Oriental it, Shanghai Shengtang, and more and more domestic manufacturers of video intelligent analysis

recently, a new generation of video analysis hardware products developed by a company was officially launched. Through the practical application of esht series products in schools, institutions, underground coal mines, subways and detention centers, the "Chinese" Application of intelligent perimeter anti-theft and anti-terrorism security of Olympic facilities has been realized. Esht series products are based on front-end DSP fully embedded intelligent visual analysis equipment, and do not need back-end PC for processing; It can detect ultra slow or ultra fast moving targets; Detect targets that suddenly invade or need to be watched. The installation and setting of the equipment is very simple. The setting can be completed in 5 minutes and put into normal use. When a target intrudes, the equipment will automatically detect, analyze and send an alarm to remind the security personnel to investigate and deal with it on site. The traditional video surveillance system can be upgraded to an intelligent video surveillance system by adding esht intelligent visual analysis equipment. Esht intelligent video analysis equipment can use a variety of combinations and achieve many functions according to the actual needs of customers, which fully meets the needs of customers

esht intelligent products are mainly used in government departments, power systems, refineries, chemical plants, nuclear power plants, military sites, prisons/detention centers, banks, schools, railways, airports, hospitals, villas and residential areas, railway transportation, parking lots, public places, museums, local government buildings, manufacturing plants and other fields

the emergence of new technologies, especially revolutionary technologies, requires time, cultivation and patience. The price in foreign countries is still relatively high. According to the analysis of the number of channels, there is money all the way. According to insiders, this reminds him of the price of fastball when it first entered China, which is tens of thousands of yuan. Now the fastball market is very mature, and domestic fastball has been recognized by the market more and more. The same is true of the video intelligent analysis market. The market is slowly rising and the price is slowly falling! The market is slowly expanding. With the maturity of intelligent monitoring technology, the improvement of market awareness, and the disadvantages of traditional monitoring that cannot be applied to market development, it is believed that intelligent video analysis will have a rapid development in the near future when the experimental parameters are set

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