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Intelligent technology and smart leap - the final time of ABB's third university student innovation competition was announced

Beijing, August 11, 2014. The preliminary evaluation results of ABB's third university student innovation competition with intelligent technology and smart leap as the theme were released today. The works of 16 participating teams stood out from 196 valid entries that must be grounded on @d main machine 1, and will participate in the final defense held at the headquarters of ABB (China) Co., Ltd. on August 29, Compete for the final ranking of the first, second and third prizes

as of the deadline for registration and submission of works, the competition attracted many contestants from 29 provinces (municipalities directly under the central government) in Chinese Mainland and nearly 200 colleges and universities in Hong Kong and Taiwan

Liu Qianjin, chief technology officer of ABB (China) Co., Ltd., said: ABB college students' innovation competition aims to stimulate college students' innovative thinking and provide a platform for students majoring in power and automation to exchange and display. I'm glad to see that college students actively pay attention to this activity and actively participate in it to show their talents. Although this competition shortens the time for the submission of financial products they financed in China, we can still see many excellent works in the participating papers, including surprising bold ideas and novel designs. We hope that the finalists will bring us wonderful results in the final defense. Committed to the research and discussion of experimental technology, as well as the utilization and implementation of new technology, they will undoubtedly contribute a lot to the performance of Chinese experimental machines

the third ABB college student innovation competition kicked off on May 5 this year. With the theme of intelligent technology and intelligent leap forward, the competition sets up three conceptual topics closely related to intelligent technology, namely, intelligent community and green power, intelligent manufacturing and intelligent power equipment. Contestants can participate in the competition individually or in a team

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