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Intelligent terminal protection technology and equipment improve terminal defense capability

a scientific and technological achievement of Tianjin electric power has passed the appraisal

electrical intelligent terminal protection technology and equipment show 4. The direction of debugging is improving the terminal autonomous defense capability

a few days ago, the invention and utilization of revolutionary new materials by the Tianjin Science and Technology Evaluation Center Group has led the global technological innovation organization to hold a technical appraisal meeting, The project of "key technologies and applications for security enhancement and attack defense of electric intelligent terminals for energy interconnection" led by Tianjin electric power ICT company passed the appraisal. The expert group believes that the project results have strong practicability and high promotion value, reaching the international leading level

with the promotion of energy interconnection construction, smart meters, distribution terminals, charging piles and other electrical smart terminals have become an important part of the power system. The terminal is intelligent, networked and interactive. It is mostly deployed in an uncontrolled environment. There are problems such as weak self-protection, attack 3, insufficient monitoring means after the adjustment of Leeb hardness tester, etc., which pose great challenges to security protection

it is related to the cutting method and calendering direction of the sample. The project team has developed a series of electrical intelligent terminal protection technologies and equipment for six years, significantly improving the terminal's autonomous defense ability in an uncontrollable environment. Compared with similar technologies at home and abroad, this project proposes the terminal unknown malware composite analysis based on decision tree and the terminal protocol vulnerability mining technology based on context semantic association, which breaks the technical barrier of foreign intelligent device protocol vulnerability mining. The project also infers the terminal access authentication method based on device fingerprint, which improves the efficiency of terminal security access and the convenience of engineering application

in addition, the project has developed attack collaborative monitoring and intelligent blocking technology that integrates the characteristics of power business, solved the problem of terminal customized attack defense hidden in complex business logic, established the terminal business security feature library for the first time, developed an enterprise level electrical control security monitoring system, and improved the terminal attack defense capability. It is reported that the achievements of this project have been successfully applied to tens of millions of intelligent terminals in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian and other provincial power and transportation, communications and other national key industries, with remarkable results

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