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Smart transformer makes power use safer and more efficient

smart transformer makes power use safer and more efficient

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original title: smart transformer makes power use safer and more efficient

people's Appliances Group adheres to the core concept of "people's appliances, serving the people" and its strategic plan of "looking at the world, thinking globally, and dreaming of the future", in the increasingly fierce market competition, With the image, new kinetic energy and new value of silicone structural sealant GB 16776 (1) 997 for new buildings, establish an ethical brand and consolidate the foundation of enterprise development

in recent years, people's Electric Appliance Group Jiangxi company has adhered to smart innovation, led the development of the enterprise with the innovative concept that the growth rate of most new products has exceeded 10%, adopted hp-rtm process to produce small composite parts, and made electricity safer and more efficient through intelligent transformation and upgrading

the intelligent oil immersed power transformer developed and produced by Jiangxi company of people's Electric Appliance Group is composed of iron core, coil and insulation, body lead, oil tank and various intelligent accessories. The product performance index has reached the international advanced level, and has the advantages of intelligence, low noise, low partial discharge, short circuit resistance, low loss and so on

low loss

the new generation of intelligent oil immersed power transformer adopts patented magnetic shielding technology to effectively reduce load loss. The iron core piece is finely cut by Georg horizontal shear line imported from Germany, and the burr is ≤ 0.02mm, which effectively reduces the no-load loss

short circuit resistance

the iron core adopts "d" yoke structure, and the press mounting area is larger; A brace (inner and outer brace framework) is added inside and outside the coil as the framework support to strengthen the mechanical strength of the coil; Through calculation, the ampere turn balance of high and low voltage coils is guaranteed, and the mechanical force during coil short circuit is reduced

low noise

intelligent oil immersed power transformer has patented noise reduction technology. The iron core piece is coated with "double if two-stage amplification H" glue, so that the iron core piece becomes a main body, thus effectively reducing the noise of the transformer; In addition, damping rubber plates are placed between the core pieces and between the core pad feet and the bottom of the box to effectively block the transmission of part of the vibration and reduce the body noise; Sand is filled in the stiffener outside the oil tank to ensure that the noise is effectively reduced by decibels

low partial discharge

the coil connector of intelligent oil immersed power transformer adopts advanced cold crimping technology, and the head is wrapped with aluminum foil to effectively reduce the partial discharge capacity; The parts are processed by fillet process to make the electric field more uniform; Vacuum oiling can prevent the existence of bubbles and prevent breakdown and bubble discharge

low temperature rise

the coil of intelligent oil immersed power transformer adopts oil retaining paper ring oil guiding structure to quickly dissipate heat; The temperature distribution can be analyzed by finite element method, and the computer simulation technology can be used for simulation design to control the temperature rise and ensure the service life of the transformer to be more than 40 years


in terms of intellectualization, transformer devices have various intelligent sensors. Among them, the oil level sensor realizes the high and low oil level alarm. Pressure relief valve to realize pressure alarm. The oil level and winding thermometer can monitor the temperature in real time, and can automatically control the start and stop of the cooler fan

gas relay to realize gas alarm. Iron core grounding current monitoring, real-time monitoring of whether the grounding current is abnormal. Partial discharge monitoring, real-time monitoring of partial discharge of transformer. Oil Chromatogram Monitoring, real-time monitoring of transformer oil quality

winding optical fiber temperature monitoring, real-time display of winding hot spot temperature. Oil drainage and nitrogen injection fire extinguishing function to ensure fire safety. Intelligently control the cooler and switch the cooling mode

the function signals of intelligent components are summarized to the intelligent component cabinet and then transmitted remotely to the main control room, which can realize remote real-time monitoring

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