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Intelligent universal vacuum circuit breaker comes into the market

transplanting the mature technology of medium voltage vacuum circuit breaker, with three patented technologies and independent property rights, tank1 series (intelligent) universal vacuum circuit breaker (national patent.9) created by experts in China has been successfully listed at present. It is understood that according to the introduction of the chief technical engineer of the R & D enterprise Ningbo Tian'an Group Co., Ltd., this product is especially suitable for places where air circuit breakers are not suitable for use, such as places where electrical equipment is used in wind power generation, coal mining, chemical industry, metallurgy and other flammable and explosive industries, and also suitable for power distribution networks in residential areas

at present, domestic air circuit breakers used in China include dw15hh, DW45, DW450 and other models; Most foreign products are Schneider MT and ABB Emax. However, these products are air magnetic blowing circuit breakers, which are easy to expose the arc in the process of breaking and closing, and are vulnerable to the influence of atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity, which will lead to unstable breaking, easy oxidation and burning loss of contacts in the atmosphere, resulting in short service life, etc. Tank1 series (intelligent) universal vacuum circuit breaker transplants the medium voltage vacuum circuit breaker technology, and carries out innovative design on the instability of volume, intelligent structure and breaking capacity. It connects the operating mechanism with the connecting rod of the vacuum arc extinguishing chamber to realize the opening and closing operation of vacuum arc extinguishing, and can adapt to the exchange of existing products

tank1 series (intelligent) universal vacuum circuit breaker is suitable for AC 50Hz, rated voltage 400 V, 690 V, rated current 630 a to 2000 a distribution network (quadrupole is suitable for three-phase four wire or three-phase five wire system), used to distribute electric energy and protect lines and power equipment from overload, undervoltage, short circuit, single-phase grounding and other faults. The contact of the circuit breaker is maintenance free, has strong overload capacity, strong breaking and arc extinguishing capacity, and can realize real zero arcing

the circuit breaker has passed the low temperature test of minus 40 ℃, and is suitable for use in an environment where the temperature is not more than 40 ℃ to minus 5 ℃ and the 24-hour average temperature is not more than 35 ℃. When the air temperature is 40 ℃, the relative humidity does not exceed 50%. At a lower temperature, there can be a higher relative humidity. When the monthly average temperature is 25 ℃, the maximum relative humidity is 90%. This is the composite part of the robot arm with loose structure designed by NASA engineers. The pollution level is level 3 and the protection level is IP3X. According to the requirements of special users, we can produce products suitable for the environment above 40 degrees Celsius or below minus 25 degrees Celsius and above 2000 meters above sea level

it is understood that the circuit breaker has two structures: fixed type and drawer type, which can realize vertical or horizontal mechanical interlocking. Intelligent tripping has four section protection function, which can selectively realize precise protection. It can be equipped with open communication interface and four remote control function, so as to meet the requirements of power distribution automation system. There are digital or liquid crystal intelligent release available for selection. Tank1 series (intelligent) universal vacuum circuit breaker is called by domestic and foreign experts as a product created in China. Its zero flashover technology is internationally leading. It is a high-tech low-voltage vacuum circuit breaker with independent property rights in China

according to Zhejiang Xinle Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., the company has replaced tank1 series (intelligent) universal vacuum circuit breakers in the original distribution box. Compared with other domestic and foreign air circuit breakers at present, this product has the advantages of simple operation, high reliability and convenient installation. There is no need to replace the distribution cabinet, especially for phase failure protection and undervoltage protection. There is no arc exposure during disconnection

expert evaluation

tank1 series (intelligent) universal vacuum circuit breaker is improved on the basis of DW45 (tanw1) universal frame Sida high-tech, which specializes in the production of high-frequency fatigue test frame circuit breaker. It adopts the original control part, electric operating mechanism, panel, secondary contact and other components, and uses vacuum arc extinguishing instead of air magnetic arc blowing to realize vacuum arc extinguishing. It can be interchanged with DW45 (tanw1) body, improve product design, manufacturing quality and expand the scope of product use. The opening spring acts directly on the connecting transmission shaft, and improves the opening speed and breaking capacity of the circuit breaker. Jinan gold testing universal material testing machine, pressure testing machine, bending resistance testing machine, etc. are the main instruments and equipment for the quality inspection of building materials

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