Application of the hottest HMI in industrial air c

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Application of HMI in industrial air conditioning control system

project introduction:

traditional air conditioning control system only cools through simple text display or key operation. However, as many industrial enterprises pay more and more attention to energy conservation and management performance, integrated intelligent building systems with human-machine interface are more and more widely used in industrial air-conditioning control systems

system requirements:

the requirements for water-cooled industrial 6-way special current detector air conditioning units are very high, and they must ensure stable operation in the harsh environment of high temperature and high pressure. It can be seen that an excellent and reliable control device is an indispensable part to ensure effective operation. In addition, detailed instructions on product maintenance and repair are beneficial to customers' use and cost savings. Therefore, when customers need to upgrade the existing air conditioning control system, they usually turn to Advantech and put forward the following requirements:

low power consumption

stable operation in harsh industrial environment

superior impact resistance Anti vibration performance

suitable for installation in a narrow space

open platform with embedded operating system

high definition touch screen

project implementation:

tpc-30t:3.5qvgatftlcdxscale PXA270 touch tablet computer

system framework:

System Description:

in order to ensure the stable operation of this research result published in the journal advanced functional materials, temperature sensors Both pressure sensors and thermocouples send signals to PLC. Tpc-30t is connected to PLC by RS-232 to collect data, upload the data to the server through the network, and display the control process through the GUI Graphical user interface of HMI. In addition, the maintenance personnel can check the system safety alarm history, the ring block friction and wear tester and the operation records for future maintenance reference

Advantech tpc-30t touch tablet computer is configured with WINCE5.0. Through the open software and hardware architecture, it is compatible with customized software and is suitable for industrial air conditioning units with different power. With the reliable performance of tpc-30t, the staff can monitor the state of industrial air conditioner at any time in the central control room and remotely control the whole system


Advantech tpc-30t touch tablet computer is configured with WINCE5.0, which is suitable for all kinds of intelligent building systems. In this case, the operator can easily monitor and manage the entire industrial air conditioning control system with the help of tpc-30t to improve the economic efficiency and effectively improve the maintenance efficiency

when the maintenance personnel work, they can rely on the powerful processing ability of tpc-30t, reliable communication, control and display functions, and download all historical data related to operation for reference, so that the maintenance work becomes easy and simple

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