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Intelligent voice quality inspection has become a sharp tool for compliance, and the financial output technical strength immediately enables the industry

the never-ending human creativity, which is reflected in the courage to imagine. More important than imagination is to use technology to turn it into a reality that can be captured

Marvel movie iron man has countless fans and has many fans all over the world. The iron man is equal to the God's steel and lays the foundation for the Xiamen Rare Earth Materials Research Institute. Jarvis, a right-hand assistant, is a housekeeper with super intelligent voice function. As long as the iron man speaks, he can help complete all kinds of work and provide all kinds of data, information and battle plans

this is inseparable from ASR (speech recognition) technology, which allows machines to understand users and give responses. It is the basis of human-computer interaction of intelligent devices and the key to making devices more intelligent

nowadays, with the rapid development of artificial intelligence, speech recognition presents a wide range of application scenarios. The admirable media imagination in the film is becoming a reality within reach

in the field of financial technology, the head platform, represented by instant consumer finance, has launched voice recognition technology to boost compliance operations, and through technology output, it has increased the development of the industry

artificial intelligence has become a catalyst for the reform of financial industry.

speech recognition technology has a wide range of application scenarios.

the pace of technological iteration and progress continues. Artificial intelligence has become more and more attention in the tide of technology, has become a hot spot in various industries, and is regarded as the core of a new round of technological change, with great development potential

ASR (speech recognition) technology in artificial intelligence is showing a wide range of application scenarios, and its enabling effect on financial technology is becoming increasingly prominent, which is beneficial to breaking through the challenges faced by consumer finance

due to the widespread presence of telemarketing, customer service, return visits and other scenarios, speech recognition technology has penetrated quite widely in financial institutions. Among them, the most valuable application is the value of cost reduction and efficiency increase in the links related to customer interaction and service

at present, the demand of financial institutions for voice technology comes from two aspects: cost and compliance. The early application of voice recognition technology in more customer interaction scenarios will help further improve customer satisfaction and promote compliance operations

many head fintech platforms have made efforts to deploy speech recognition technology. Taking licensed consumer finance institutions as an example, significant breakthroughs have been made through self-developed ASR technology, which has also laid the foundation for the research and development of other intelligent systems, effectively improving business efficiency and quality

the compliance requirements of consumer finance are becoming stricter

the intelligent voice quality inspection technology is at the right time

looking back last year, the format of consumer finance has changed a lot, and the regulatory requirements are becoming stricter in terms of compliance operations. Last year, the officials of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission issued the notice on carrying out the work of consolidating the achievements of combating chaos and promoting compliance construction, involving banks, trusts, consumer finance companies and other institutions. The compliance requirements for financial institutions are becoming stricter, the operation pressure of consumer finance is huge, and the efficiency needs to be improved, followed by the rapid rise of operating costs

as a window connecting customers and enterprises, the call center of Xiaojin platform can provide various services. The service compliance is particularly important. The quality inspection of customer service is increasingly important

traditional sampling inspection not only has a large workload and cannot cover all violations, but also lags behind; Although full-scale manual quality inspection can solve the risk of compliance, it faces a huge challenge of human resource costs; Neither method can meet the business and regulatory requirements

new technology has brought new breakthroughs. Intelligent voice quality inspection based on voice recognition technology can not only save labor costs and improve quality inspection efficiency for financial institutions, but also achieve full quality inspection covering all voice content. Therefore, intelligent voice quality inspection is increasingly valued by the financial industry

thanks to the profound AI technology heritage, massive data and perfect optimization process, consumer finance immediately established cooperative relations with colleges and research institutes such as the Institute of acoustics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chongqing University of Posts and telecommunications, Chongqing Normal University, etc. According to the business requirements, three systems, real-time intelligent quality inspection, process intelligent quality inspection and offline intelligent quality inspection, have been developed

through the self-developed intelligent quality inspection system, consumer finance immediately integrates advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technologies such as speech recognition (ASR), voiceprint recognition, natural language processing (NLP), which realizes the full transcription of the call content between the artificial agent and the customer, and flexibly constructs the quality inspection rules by using the functions of content detection, mute detection, speed detection, emotion detection, etc., while integrating the CRM system, Call center system and other customer information related systems provide functions such as rule configuration, intelligent quality inspection, manual sampling, violation handling, reconsideration, data analysis, etc

with the help of the intelligent quality inspection system, the quality inspection volume of consumer finance is immediately increased from 1% of manual sampling to 100% of full-scale AI quality inspection, the problem recording detection rate is increased by at least 20 times, and the unit quality inspection cost is reduced by 95%. It effectively solves the pain point of low efficiency of traditional manual quality inspection and low problem detection rate, reduces the quality inspection cost of enterprises, and becomes a strong guarantee for compliance operations

technology output such as Ji dai'an enables the development of the industry

head platform increases investment to resist the wind

dullele is not as good as zhonglele. For immediate consumer finance, in addition to its enhanced compliance strength, it can help improve the compliance degree of the industry, which is an important manifestation of its own value

the intelligent voice quality inspection developed by consumer finance is accelerating the realization of technology output and helping the compliance operation of the industry. From demand analysis, data annotation to model output, consumer finance has immediately established a perfect optimization process, which can flexibly customize the functions of ASR recognition engine, semantic understanding and intention detection according to the needs of enterprises, so that the quality inspection system can quickly adapt to different business scenarios

Zhao Guoqing, founder and CEO of instant finance, said that there are many elements to test the scientific and technological capabilities of enterprises, such as mastering the independent intellectual property rights of core technologies, having professional technology research and development teams and institutions, continuous scientific research investment, scientific and technological achievements recognized and tested by users, the market and the industry, the practice of industry university research cooperation, the implementation and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, enabling industries, the real economy, society and people's livelihood, and so on

from the perspective of consumer finance development, researchers believe that science and technology has moved to the front stage, which can become a profitable business and open to the outside world. As the head platform of consumer finance, instant consumer finance is not 3 Cultivate a number of new material theme features, and the town will work hard with its whip. Through hard training of technical internal skills, it will temper its technical blood transfusion ability and increase the progress of the industry

up to now, including intelligent voice quality inspection, immediate finance has independently developed more than 700 sets of systems, applied for 220 patents in total, and built a technology research and development team with more than 1000 people, with a total research and development investment of 800million yuan

as an artificial intelligence research base specially set up by immediate finance, the artificial intelligence research institute has gathered a large number of senior talents and experts in the field of artificial intelligence, focusing on independent research and development in the fields of natural language processing, algorithm framework, data annotation, speech recognition, machine vision, machine learning, machine computing and general technology platforms, enabling the company's marketing, risk control, customer service Intelligent construction of post loan management business process

immediately, consumer finance said it would also continue to cultivate core technologies, organically combine artificial intelligence technologies such as language understanding, and continue to output the technical strength of speech recognition to the industry. Immediately, consumer finance will continue to give full play to its outstanding technical advantages, actively explore the application of cutting-edge technology in artificial intelligence, and continuously expand and deepen the financial technology scene through artificial intelligence technology, so as to better meet the needs of enterprises for financial services

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