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The application of Ican series function modules in construction machinery


this paper mainly introduces the application of CAN Bus Technology in construction machinery. Taking the engineering crane as an example, this paper introduces how to build a CAN bus application network with reliable control and easy development by using Ican series function modules, ZLG series and can bus interface card, as well as the method of rapid application in the engineering locomotive control network

can bus introduction

can bus is one of the most widely used field buses in the world. It was originally designed as a serial data transmission network for automotive electronic control unit (ECU), and has been widely used in medium and high-end vehicles in Europe. In recent years, due to the high reliability and real-time performance of CAN bus, can bus has begun to enter the data communication application of various industries in China, and was determined as the national standard in the field of power communication products in 2002

can bus network uses ordinary twisted pair as the transmission medium and adopts linear topology structure. A single network line can connect at least 110 nodes. When the communication distance is not more than 40 meters, the data transmission rate can reach 1Mbps, and the longest communication distance can reach 10 kilometers (using standard can transceiver pca82c250/251 chip)

can bus network is a multi main structure network, which can access the bus according to the priority of information frame, which greatly improves the performance of the system; Can bus adopts short frame message structure, with good real-time performance, and has perfect data verification, error processing and error detection mechanism. In addition, can bus nodes will automatically leave the bus in case of serious errors, which has no impact on bus communication

can bus network, data transmission and hardware error detection are completed by CAN controller hardware, which greatly enhances the anti electromagnetic interference ability of CAN bus network

can bus scope of application: it can be applied to occasions with a large number of nodes, a transmission distance of less than 10 kilometers, and high security requirements; It can also be applied to mechanical control networks with strict requirements for real-time and safety

in addition to correcting the influence of inertia torque caused by the connecting link of the experimental machine itself according to the manufacturer's method,

at present, the domestic automobile and elevator industry has been a typical field of CAN bus application, and industrial control, intelligent building, coal mine equipment and other industries have also been widely used

development of construction machinery industry

due to the increasingly extensive application of advanced technologies such as embedded computers, network communications, microprocessors, automatic control, the performance and integration of construction machinery control system have been greatly improved, and the operation convenience and safety of construction machinery have been greatly improved

in construction machinery based on centralized control mode, on the one hand, due to the use of multiple ECU units, the communication between ECUs is becoming more and more complex, which will inevitably lead to more signal connecting lines, making the installation and maintenance procedures of the control system cumbersome, reducing the reliability of operation, flexibility of application, and increasing the difficulty of maintenance; On the other hand, in order to improve the utilization of signals in the system, a large amount of data information can be shared in different control units, and a large number of control signals also need to be exchanged in real time. The traditional centralized control system has fallen behind the demand of modern communication function in construction machinery

the structure diagram of the traditional control system is as follows:

therefore, how to improve the performance of the system, develop the flexibility and convenience of communication applications, and reduce the cost of use and maintenance is a problem that must be solved. The application of CAN bus in the control system of construction machinery is 14 These problems can also be effectively solved by applying tensile tests to materials according to national standards or standards provided by users

Application of CAN bus in construction machinery

whether in Europe, America or Asia, can bus technology has a wide range of product examples in the field of construction machinery, and also has a good development prospect

application status of CAN bus in construction machinery

can bus is especially suitable for interconnection and communication between electronic units in construction machinery due to its good performance. With the introduction of CAN bus technology, the distribution based on CAN bus in construction machinery can't be helped by provincial finance. Its control system can't replace the original centralized control system. The traditional complex harness is replaced by CAN Bus: various controllers, actuators and sensors in the system are connected through CAN bus, with less cables, easy laying, low cost and more flexible system design, High signal transmission reliability and strong anti-interference ability

at present, the application of CAN Bus Technology in construction machinery is becoming more and more common. Some famous international construction machinery companies such as cat, Volvo, Liebherr, etc. have widely adopted can bus technology in their products, which greatly improves the reliability, detectability and maintainability of the whole machine, and improves the intelligent level at the same time. In China, can bus control system has also begun to be widely used in the control system of engineering vehicles, and is gradually being promoted and applied in the construction machinery industry

the control system of construction machinery needs to complete the control and monitoring of various sensors, actuators, engines, transmissions, etc. in the system. The composition of the control system of different construction machinery products is not completely consistent, but the composition of the control system is basically similar

taking the truck crane as an example, the basic structure of its typical control system based on CAN bus is shown in the following figure. The system composition is:

Figure 1.2 structure diagram of the truck crane control system based on CAN bus


the application of CAN bus makes the functions of the construction machinery control system applied by servo electromechanical and real-time load preservation have good scalability, and it is easy to realize centralized monitoring and management of each subsystem. In addition, the application of CAN bus makes the use, maintenance and fault diagnosis of users more flexible and convenient. For example, when the crane is debugged at the factory, the factory computer system can access its control system through CAN bus, record and save the debugging data, which can be used as the original reference data for maintenance in case of fault

with the continuous application of CAN bus in construction machinery, the reliability, detectability, maintainability and intelligence level of construction machinery will be greatly improved

relying on a strong professional development team and the leading technology of Philips semiconductor, we have always been committed to the application and promotion of CAN bus in the construction machinery industry to provide customers with more high-quality solutions. (end)

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