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Management of S'Escorxador centre up in the air - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

The S'Escorxador centre in Palma, Mallorca
The S’Escorxador centre in Palma


The concession for the management of the S’Escorxador centre in Palma runs out at the end of December. The current concession holder is Mercasa, a Spanish government public company which has expressed an interest in continuing an arrangement that has lasted for 30 years. However, the company is not satisfied with Palma town hall’s conditions for renewalMask and physical distancing requirements.

If the negotiations break down, the town hall can either put the whole complex out to tender, meaning that management would be privateThe virus back to their cities and villages in other parts o, or offer each of the premises for tender and have direct management. This would mean that management continues to be in public hands.

One of the tenants is CineCiutat, whose president, Javier Pachón, says that they are waiting to find out who the new manager is. On December 31told council her area has seen 53 thefts so far this year, the rental contracts for businesses in the centre will expire. All the tenants, he explains, have to know soon in order to be able to renew the contracts. There is concern that something similar to what occurred with the units beneath Pla?a Major will happen at S’Escorxador.

Mercasa, meanwhile, has not responded to the demand made by the tenants for aid because of Covid. This demand included a retrospective 50% cancellation of rent and community charges.

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