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Using the og7808 massage chair of aojiahua to evaluate, quote and comment on the performance of configuration parameters

this og7808 massage chair of aojiahua is a popular model of aojiahua. Pengyuyan is the same model, an international listed brand and an annual hot selling new product. Let's take a look at the hands-on experience, price behavior and configuration introduction. I hope it can help you choose and refer to it

I. aojiahua og7808 massage chair hands-on experience:

after a period of comparison, I finally purchased aojiahua 7808 Zhimo master. After receiving the goods yesterday afternoon, I immediately experienced it. The general feeling is that the selection is correct. The massage chair is beautiful and atmospheric. It is just right to put it in a corner of the living room. The color of crescent white is set up with the cut-off frequency of the low-pass filter which is quite reasonable with the color of the sofa. There are many choices for the massage strength. After 15 minutes of massage, I feel very comfortable and powerful; In addition, the logistics speed was very fast, and the attitude of the installation workers was also very good. They patiently explained the operation methods. In short, it was a very satisfactory shopping

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aojiahua massage chair og-7808

I. aojiahua og7808 massage chair JD event price:

JD event price: ¥ 17800.00

JD event quotation link:

aojiahua massage chair og-7808

II. Aojiahua og7808 massage chair configuration parameters:

aojiahua massage chair og-7808

III. other users' comments on aojiahua og7808 massage chair:

very comfortable. The family all lined up for massage. The appearance is grand. The massage is very good from head to toe. Here, I would like to praise the after-sales customer service. The service was very good. When the logistics delivered the goods to the door, they had to unpack and move in because the door distance was not enough. The porter accidentally rubbed the side leather. He took a photo to the customer service and immediately sent me a new side plate. After sales can be worry free

aojiahua massage chair og-7808

it is a very aggressive and beautiful massage chair. It has fine workmanship, comfortable sitting feeling, and rich functional modes. It is suitable for different people. It is difficult for me to adjust to the maximum massage force, which is quite cool. In addition, the installation workers came to the site in time. They arrived on the same day when they were contacted

aojiahua massage chair og-7808

the delivery was quite timely. The two masters delivered it together. Their attitude was very good. It was a big box., It's just that the manufacturer chose the wrong payment method when they delivered the goods. They tossed about again. Their attitude was very good and positive from beginning to end. Value for money, good quality, beautiful blue, high-end, high-grade. After using it, it has many functions and is very comfortable. The remote control is also easy to use. I fell asleep after listening to the music. Although it is expensive, I think I bought it right. The quality of Bluetooth speakers is OK. Of course, the signing and unveiling ceremony of the Shandong Branch of the aluminum materials utilization research institute (hereinafter referred to as the Shandong Branch of the materials Institute) is held in Shandong Huayu alloy materials Co., Ltd., which is mainly a cheap company (hereinafter referred to as Shandong Huayu). It is much better than the professional audio. The gifts were also delivered in a very timely manner, which was highly praised! If you have a place at home, you must buy one

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