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National Energy Administration: planning to build a number of major hydropower and nuclear power projects national energy administration: planning to build a number of major hydropower and nuclear power projects China Construction Machinery Information January the product varieties and quality levels of sensors and tension machine components in China were learned from the National Energy Administration on the 5th that the national development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration officially released the 13th five year plan for energy development

liyangzhe, deputy director of the national energy administration, said that to achieve the structural adjustment goals set in the plan, there is both a practical basis and certain difficulties and challenges. It is necessary to focus on the implementation from three aspects. First, continue to promote the large-scale development of non fossil energy. We will do a good job in linking the scale, layout, access and market, plan to build a number of major hydropower and nuclear power projects, and steadily develop wind power, solar energy and other renewable energy. Second, expand the natural gas consumption market. We should innovate systems and mechanisms, steadily promote the fair opening of natural gas receiving, storage and transportation facilities, encourage large users to directly supply natural gas, reduce the cost of natural gas utilization, vigorously develop natural gas distributed energy and natural gas peak shaving power stations, actively promote the replacement of coal and oil with gas in the civil, energy-efficient, energy-saving and high sex price ratio industries and transportation fields, and increase the proportion of natural gas consumption. Third, do a good job in the clean and efficient utilization of fossil energy, especially coal. For a long time to come, coal will still be the main energy in China, which is our most basic national condition. We should unswervingly resolve excess capacity, eliminate backward capacity, develop advanced capacity, and optimize the coal production structure. We should unswervingly develop a special solution - jetpreg to develop coal washing and processing and ultra-low emission coal-fired power generation, promote the upgrading demonstration of coal to oil and gas and coal to olefins, and take the path of clean development and utilization of coal in line with China's national conditions. At the same time, we will accelerate the upgrading of product oil quality, promote the use of clean oil products such as biomass fuels, and improve the clean level of oil consumption

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