How to look at Feng Shui when decorating a house

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When decorating a house, we not only need to pay attention to the pattern and style of house decoration, but also need to know whether the feng shui of house decoration is good. Do you know how to treat Feng Shui better when decorating a house

when decorating the house Feng Shui, we need to pay attention not to transform the bathroom or toilet into a bedroom. In modern buildings, there are many cases where the bathroom and toilet in the whole building are set in the same place. Therefore, if the bathroom or toilet is transformed into a bedroom, it is easy to cause who is in the bathroom side upstairs and downstairs. We all know that the bath side originally belongs to a wet and unclean place, so if it is in the middle, it is easy to have an impact on our environmental health. If the toilet upstairs or the water pipe is turned on, it will also affect the peace and rest in the bedroom, thus affecting our physical and mental health. (fortune telling

4 The door cannot be opposite the door

when the house is decorated, we cannot have the door facing the door. Because the bedroom belongs to the rest place, if the door directly faces the door, it will affect the health and financial fortune of the bedroom owner

in modern life, many parents will help their children prepare independent rooms. But there are often inappropriate places for the decoration or decoration of children's rooms. Do you know what Feng Shui decoration should be paid attention to when decorating children's rooms




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