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In general, the process of home decoration is carried out according to the stages of drawing design, water and electricity layout, bricklaying, furniture making, wall painting, and finishing work. In terms of home decoration design, let me talk about my experience, gains and losses. Because some owners do not understand home decoration design and building material quality, they hand over the design of decoration and even the whole process to home decoration companies and relevant designers, and they do not participate in any opinions. The room designed in this way may have no problem with the overall style, but it completely does not reflect the owner's hobbies and personality, which will give the owner a feeling of living in someone else's house

first, the tone is determined by the lighting effect

after the room is set, the overall style of the house should be determined. If the house area is not large, or the light is not very good, it is best to use white as the main color, and then match some light colors, which can make people feel that the space is much larger; If the house is big enough and the light is good enough, you can color it as you like. At first, I was too conservative and chose light colors. Later, when I saw my classmates' homes boldly use yellow, green and blue, I regretted it again

next is the layout of the living room and dining room. Recently, home decoration is still simple and generous, not even less wood, but replaced by decoration, which can make the house more unconventional. According to the renderings given by the home decoration company, there are many suspended ceilings, layer by layer, which looks very three-dimensional, but not every house is suitable for suspended ceilings. If the floor height is less than 3 meters, the owner is recommended not to make a ceiling; If there is a beam between the two halls, the beam can be used as one side, and the ceiling on the other three sides can be slightly made of wood, so there will be no sense of depression. Unfortunately, I didn't know this until I finished the decoration

second, the drawing design is mainly practical

there are two cases, one is to ask the home decoration company to design; First, take a look at others' and design by yourself. Because I haven't decorated it, I asked the home decoration company to design it, but there are still some unsatisfactory places

now there are many home decoration companies, and the effect pictures produced are so beautiful that people can't imagine (such as a palace like living room, a bright and recognizable floor, a white and soft sofa, and a beautiful woman leaning on the plasma TV in front of her). When I got back to my mind and checked carefully with my own pattern, I found that some beams and columns had been greatly reduced, but in fact this part could not be ignored and really existed. Therefore, the owner should ask the designer how to deal with this part

after the owner gets the scale diagram, don't rush to give it to the home decoration company. First, decide whether to add one room or merge the two rooms according to the original rooms and halls of the real estate. Generally speaking, young people and old people don't live together now, so they don't need too many rooms

in addition, you may feel that the actual wall is different from the effect drawing and want to move it. As everyone knows, this move will cost a lot of money: knocking on the wall, bricks, sand, cement, all with money

III. The design drawing can only be used as a reference

next, the general layout of each room. Originally, I wanted to adopt the proposal of the home decoration company, and both the guest bedroom and the children's room used 1 5-meter bed, kitchen as a whole cabinet. Later, we also changed it. The actual situation is that the cabinets in two rooms (one is in the partition wall and the other is made against the wall), so the beds can't be the same size; Although the overall cabinet looks good, it will be very ugly if it is scratched in a few years, so it will be made of plates

I have communicated with several owners who have decorated. Among them, those who asked the home decoration company to design drawings said that the drawings actually did not play a role, and many places would still be changed temporarily. One of them did it according to the drawings, without considering the actual position of the beams and columns. As a result, the ceiling of the living room fell off, and the wine cabinet cracked, complaining incessantly. Therefore, the owner should not rely too much on the home decoration company. It is best to ask the designer more before starting the construction

in addition, the objective conditions of the house itself should also be considered in the home decoration design, such as orientation, lighting, ventilation effect, external building spacing, noise outside the window, sound insulation, etc. These objective conditions are important factors affecting the future living effect. If defects are found in these aspects, these factors should be considered in the home decoration design, and the decoration design should be cleverly used to make up for these defects. For example, the outside of the room is very noisy and messy, so the interior decoration should be concise, and a certain sound insulation effect should be considered




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