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The national standard for safety of paper cutters is being formulated.

at present, the domestic paper cutter industry lacks guiding standards for safety requirements, the product level is uneven, and various paper cutters coexist in the market. There are even inferior products that impact the products that meet the safety requirements and guarantee the operators at low prices. Therefore, it is necessary to establish the safety standard of paper cutter as soon as possible to ensure the safety of paper cutter in China

under the organization of the National Printing Machinery Standardization Committee, a drafting group for the national standard of paper cutter safety, composed of representatives of key enterprises in the paper cutter industry, was recently established. At the first meeting on June 14, all Representatives unanimously elected Shanghai shenweida Machinery Co., Ltd. as the team leader

shenweida's paper cutter enjoys the reputation of "China's first knife" in the industry. It has won the title of Shanghai famous brand product for ten consecutive years. As early as 1999, it obtained the "CE" safety certification. It is the first enterprise in China's paper cutter industry to pass the "CE" certification. It has rich practical experience and solid theoretical foundation in the safety technology of paper cutters. The company has advanced manufacturing technology and testing means, which ensure the smooth completion of the project

the company's leaders made it clear that they would vigorously cooperate with the Standardization Technical Committee to complete the project, which is what shenweida, as a paper cutter, should do as a leading enterprise in the project management industry of Plexiglas, It is also an integral part of our strategy to implement the "standards, patents, human longitudinal samples greatly reduce heat transfer, mainly study the shape of inclusions, and identify the type of inclusions" and the "concept of sustainable development" in the "Eleventh Five Year Plan". We must do our work well with a rigorous and scientific attitude and make our contribution to the healthy development of the paper cutter industry

information source effectively grafting innovation chain and industrial chain: China printing and Equipment Industry Association

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