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On November 10, 13 experts including Zhan Jian, deputy director of the High Tech Department of the science and Technology Department of the autonomous region, lidongru, Deputy Secretary General of the China Machinery Industry Federation, and sun song, director of the science and Technology Bureau of Liuzhou came to our company, The project of "technical research on key components of earth moving machinery" in the national science and technology support plan undertaken by Liugong was accepted. Yuchuanfen, President of the joint stock company, Luo Wei, assistant president and President of the General Research Institute and other experts attended the meeting. 11. lift the cylinder adjustment height: 0 (5) 00mm

the project was applied for approval in 2011 and passed the feasibility. The above are some suggestions on changing the use of fatigue testing machine. The implementation period of the project is from January 2011 to June 2014. The subject focuses on the technical research and application of key transmission parts and hydraulic parts of earth moving machinery, and has completed the research and development of transmission torque converter assembly of 3T and 5T loaders, wet drive axle of 7T and 8t loaders, main pump and main control valve of 20t hydraulic excavator, and has carried out bench performance, durability and installation reliability test verification. The subject has overcome many common and key technologies such as electric proportional control, power matching, wet braking, flow distribution, etc., and achieved the goals of energy saving, consumption reduction and reliability improvement. The ability of technical research, product development and test analysis has been improved, and the objectives and tasks defined in the task statement have been well completed

the six key components developed by the subject have realized the demonstration application of more than 400 installed machines; It has built a multi-functional transmission test base and three large-scale production lines, formed the research, development and testing capacity of transmission parts such as torque converter, gearbox and drive axle of earth moving machinery, and formed the large-scale manufacturing capacity of advanced torque converter, gearbox, drive axle and hydraulic valve

the subject has applied for 36 patents (including 22 invention patents) and granted 14 patents (including 3 invention patents); 15 enterprise technical standards and specifications have been prepared; Published 21 papers; It has trained 11 doctors (postgraduates), 27 masters and more than 20 professional technicians

at the meeting, the acceptance expert group listened to the work report of the undertaking unit, inspected the product samples, demonstration machines, test bases and production lines, and the experts gave full recognition to our company's technological innovation ability. They hoped that Liugong would continue to carry out high-tech research and undertake more tasks equivalent to saving 8.4 million tons of oil, saving more than 12 million tons of standard coal The national science and technology support plan project for reducing nearly 30million tons of carbon dioxide in fixed size and shape leads to the improvement of China's earthwork machinery technology. After inquiry and discussion, the expert group unanimously agreed that the subject passed the acceptance

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