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National Energy Administration: two to three years to solve the problem of wind power curtailment Wang Jun, director of the new energy department of the national energy administration, said on October 16 that he would strive to solve the problem of wind power curtailment within 23 years

Wang Jun made these remarks at the 2013 Beijing International Wind Energy Conference, which opened on the same day. By the end of this year, the installed capacity of wind power in China will reach 75million kilowatts and the generating capacity will reach 140billion kilowatt hours. He pointed out that with the rapid development of wind power, the existing power system operation rules and management system still do not adapt, such as the lack of overall connection of various power planning, and the need to improve the wind power and operation technology. The resulting wind power curtailment restricts the sustainable development of wind power

according to the 2013 China wind power development report, China's wind power curtailment reached more than 20billion kwh in 2012, double that of 2011. Wind power curtailment not only damages the investment income of developers, but also affects further investment in this field

Wang Jun believes that there is no consensus that wind power should be used as an alternative to coal-fired power generation, and how to highlight the priority of new energy is still an issue. He also said that the energy administration is improving relevant policies, including the reform of power system operation and management, and striving to achieve the priority and full acquisition of wind power. The energy administration will also strengthen the cooperation between Hebei and Gansu provinces. Please call us for details Research and operation supervision on problems in regions with severe wind power curtailment such as Inner Mongolia and Jilin, and formulate targeted solutions

Wang Jun did not mention the timetable for the renewable energy power quota management measures, which was solicited for opinions last year but was difficult to be introduced for a long time. He just said that he would strive to introduce and implement them. At the same time, the energy administration will also strengthen industrial testing and evaluation, and regularly release information

Shi Lishan, deputy director of the new energy department, introduced that several opinions on promoting the healthy development of wind power industry have entered the stage of pending approval. He said that at the present stage of domestic wind power development, the interests of all participants are not consistent. It is necessary to balance the relationship within the industry and solve the current problems through institutional design

according to the author's statistical analysis of wind power curtailment in recent years, the company is planning to acquire assets. Shi Lishan also said that in terms of planning and construction that the joystick of the wind farm should be in the "ready" position, it will control the new installed capacity in some areas with serious wind power curtailment problems. With regard to offshore wind power, Shi Lishan said that although the current development is not particularly good, the preliminary work is still advancing and needs to wait for the policy to be in place

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