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The national development and Reform Commission responded to the "gas shortage": a peak shaving mechanism of 200million cubic meters of natural gas will be built. On March 6, the first conference center of the 13th National People's Congress held a meeting and invited helifeng, director of the national development and Reform Commission, Zhang Yong, deputy director, and Ning Jizhe, deputy director, to answer Chinese and foreign questions on issues related to "innovating and improving macro-control and promoting high-quality development"

in response to the tight supply of natural gas in some areas in the winter of 2017, helifeng, director of the national development and Reform Commission, responded: "the tight supply of natural gas has indeed exposed the problems of systems and mechanisms in the production, supply, marketing and reserves of domestic natural gas, as well as the serious shortage of infrastructure."

when answering questions from China Arab satellite TV, Helifeng replied: "Last year, we supplied 237.3 billion yuan of natural gas, but for users, the energy consumption is more generous than that of metal springs, an increase of more than 30 billion cubic meters compared with the previous year. This is the first time that we have seen such growth since the founding of the people's Republic of China. This reminds us that our current natural gas production should have some new growth on the premise of ensuring safety. At the same time, we should vigorously organize research and development forces, which is to measure well covers The exploration of tight gas and shale gas, including the in-depth study of coal to gas, should be promoted in a timely manner to ensure that the output of natural gas gradually and steadily increases, better meet the requirements of clean heating, and meet the people's demand for natural gas to keep warm. "

he introduced: "In terms of supply, we should strengthen the signing of closer and longer-term natural gas supply agreements with neighboring countries, including Central Asia, Russia and Pacific coastal countries, which have natural gas production and supply, so as to stabilize our natural gas supply, including LNG, and make every effort to meet the needs of the people. This year, we estimate that the demand will further increase on the basis of last year's more than 230 billion cubic meters Rise. "

for the next step, Helifeng said: "Gas supply enterprises should strengthen the construction of gas storage capacity. We strive to take some measures to steadily promote the construction of gas storage capacity. The gas supply enterprises reach 10% and the world average gas storage capacity is about 15%. We strive to steadily promote the construction of gas storage capacity, gas supply capacity and management through steady progress, including mobilization in accordance with the principles of marketization and rule of law. In terms of sales, we should further promote the reform of system and mechanism, including price Reform. Currently, there is still a big difference between industrial and commercial gas and civil gas. It is necessary to choose a more appropriate time to move forward steadily, including compaction of local areas. "

for extreme cases, Helifeng said: "We still need to 'protect the people' and ensure that civil gas will not be affected by any extreme weather and extreme conditions. In this regard, we will have professional technical personnel to provide you with technical consulting services, including the establishment of a peak shaving machine of about 200million cubic meters, of which 100million cubic meters of peak shaving capacity will be built mainly through major gas supply enterprises such as PetroChina, Sinopec and CNOOC, and about 100million cubic meters will be compacted locally To ensure that there is no problem in the supply in case of emergency or extreme circumstances. "

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