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On November 16, at the 13th China International hi tech Fair held in Shenzhen, the National Engineering Laboratory of tire design and manufacturing technology, the scientific and technological innovation platform of the domestic tire industry, was officially settled in Sanjiao, and was officially awarded by the national development and Reform Commission. Entrusted by dingyuhua to accelerate the development of aliphatic isocyanate and other raw materials, jiangxiubo, senior vice president, attended the awarding ceremony on behalf of the company and took over the bronze medal of the national engineering laboratory from zhangxiaoqiang, deputy director of the national development and Reform Commission. This is the largest achievement made by triangle group in the construction of science and technology platform since the giant project radial tire project won the first prize of the national science and Technology Progress Award in 2008

the national engineering laboratory is an industry university research integration research and development entity established by relying on enterprises, scientific research institutes and universities. It is an industrial innovation platform established by the country to improve its independent innovation ability and meet the national strategic needs of national economic development. It represents the highest level and authoritative technology in the industry in terms of scientific research and experiment. It can formulate industrial technical standards and set technical requirements for industrial access. In principle, there is only one in each industry. At present, there are only more than 100 in the country, which is of great significance to promoting economic and social development

with the accelerating pace of global economic integration, the pressure for regional economies to participate in international and domestic competition is rapidly increasing. The industrial development model driven by innovation and led by technology has become a mode of transformation, structure adjustment and 1 It is the best way to create a sustainable solution in the world by not putting the jaw in the right position during clamping to promote upgrading

in recent years, triangle group has continuously accelerated the pace of scientific and technological innovation, actively improved its independent innovation ability and R & D investment, and successively made major breakthroughs in many high-tech fields, such as giant engineering radial tire, new rubber mixing technology, low-carbon high-performance radial tire, etc. its scale strength and R & D ability are in a leading position in the same industry in China. However, compared with international tire giants, we still have a big gap in management, technology, market share, etc., and the construction of scientific and technological innovation platform and mechanism is relatively backward. How to effectively accumulate advantageous resources, continue independent innovation, break through the core technology bottleneck, lead the industry development, occupy the international high-end product market, and participate in the global competition has become an important topic for the company's international strategic development. In july2009, the innovation platform construction project of Triangle Group National Engineering Laboratory was officially launched. After that, under the high attention and leadership of chairman dingyuhua and the company's decision-making level, and the care and guidance of Weihai municipal Party committee and government, especially the leaders at all levels of the development committee, after two years of hard work, it was finally approved

the National Engineering Laboratory of tire design and manufacturing process of Triangle Group Co., Ltd. is based on the resources of the company's central laboratory, national enterprise technology center, provincial engineering laboratory and so on, and makes full use of the original infrastructure and R & D conditions. Through the reconstruction and expansion of the research and development building of the enterprise technology center, the industry development is changing from scope growth to connotation growth, focusing on tire design, process Research breakthroughs have been made in manufacturing and engineering technology in tire and other aspects. It has become a tire design and manufacturing technology research platform integrating the core technology of tire design, advanced tire manufacturing technology, tire formula design, engineering technology of special tire design and manufacturing, tire test and performance analysis technology research and engineering verification. After the completion of the project, it will continue to enhance the independent innovation ability of China's tire industry, break through the key technologies of tire design and manufacturing process and engineering, enhance the core competitiveness of the tire industry, and play a driving, demonstration and leading role in the technological progress and industrial upgrading of China's tire industry

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