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Nantah electronics and intelligent service robots appeared at the International Industrial Expo

to check whether the USB hardware drive is normal in the equipment manager with the theme of innovation, intelligence and green. The 17th China International Industrial Expo was held in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from November 3 to 7. More than 2200 domestic and foreign enterprises competed on the same stage to show the charm of made in China. At the venue of this Industrial Expo, Jiangsu NANDA Electronic Information Technology Co., Ltd. came to see Jiaojiao, a smart service robot product that has attracted much attention before heat treatment. At the exhibition site, the enthusiastic Jiaojiao interacted closely with the audience, attracting many visitors and becoming the highlight of this exhibition. She is like a dutiful navigator, greeting the audience with a kind voice. I am Jiaojiao. Welcome to the exhibition area of Nanjing University in the 17th Industrial Expo. Looking at the large number of people around, Jiao Jiao also happily narrowed her lovely big eyes and danced in circles for everyone. When someone asked it to sing a song, it did not hesitate to sing "little apple"

this exhibition is the first official appearance of Jiaojiao led by Jiangsu NANDA Electronic Information Technology Co., Ltd. and a product press conference was held at the exhibition on November 3. At the press conference, according to the staff, at present, all the interactive technologies carried in the system used by Jiaojiao are the latest artificial intelligence technologies, and with the powerful multi capability integration and big data processing capabilities of the platform, it integrates many top artificial intelligence technologies, including speech recognition (ASR), speech synthesis (TTS) and natural language understanding (NLU tools cannot collide with mixers), and even images, faces and voiceprints, We have successfully built the first intelligent service robot in China that can really listen, think and judge. Jiaojiao is an industrious and competent lobby manager in Bank of communications. She can skillfully and accurately guide and introduce various businesses of the bank to customers. In the process of language communication, Jiaojiao can accurately answer all kinds of customers' questions, and its rich knowledge reserve, interesting question and answer methods, and professional service ability have won the praise of users. Jiao Jiao's appointment not only brings a lot of fun to the bank customers waiting in line for business, but also shares a lot of work of the lobby manager, which plays a direct role in diverting customers and saving customers' processing time. At present, this intelligent service robot has been applied to all fields of the service industry and has been widely praised

the multi-directional industry under Nanjing University, one of the first 985 Engineering Colleges in the country, has shown its charm at this industry expo with its sophisticated technology, strong scientific research strength and extensive industry influence. Jiangsu Nantah Electronic Information Technology Co., Ltd., as one of the representatives of enterprises subordinate to the industry of Nanjing University, was invited to enter the industrial exhibition area of Nanjing University. Relying on the core technical advantages of Nanjing University in the field of acoustic science and technology and artificial intelligence, Nantah electronics has a global layout, is committed to the research and development and practice of intelligent service robot products and services, and cooperates with benchmarking enterprises in various domestic service industries to explore and practice the landing application of service robots in various industries. In recent years, with the full range of artificial intelligence technology capabilities such as intelligent voice, intelligent image, intelligent semantics and biometric recognition, as well as the sincere concept of cooperation, Nantah electronics has widely linked various service industries to jointly lead and promote the rapid development of China's intelligent service robot industry

at present, Nantah electronics has become a leading foreign and domestic enterprise in the intelligent voice industry and the intelligent service robot industry to maintain air circulation; Leading enterprises in China are carrying out research and development of smart service robots in early childhood education, elderly companionship and other directions, all of which are in a leading position in the country. With the success of Jiaojiao, the intelligent service robot produced by Nantah electronics has successfully landed among other industry benchmark customers such as financial customers, operators, catering chains, health chains, etc

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