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Nanning held a legislative demonstration meeting. The community must be equipped with electric donkey charging facilities

the Nanning Municipal People's Congress further demonstrated the "Regulations of Nanning on the administration of electric bicycles (Draft)"

the community must be equipped with electric donkey charging facilities

- Nanguo Morning Post Guo Yanqun intern Wen Ying

on August 24, the Standing Committee of Nanning Municipal People's Congress held a legislative demonstration meeting on the "Regulations of Nanning on the administration of electric bicycles (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as the "draft regulations"). In terms of management system design, experts from all walks of life have put forward many new ideas

new idea

whether the scrapped electric donkey can be operated on the app

in the demonstration, some experts proposed that electric bicycles not only have frequent accidents, but also have a common phenomenon of hit and run. Because they didn't buy insurance, many drivers choose to run as soon as they can after the accident. If they can't monitor the effective information, it's very difficult to find it. The expert pointed out that at present, the number plate of electric bicycles is only hung at the rear of the vehicle. It is suggested that electric bicycles should be like motor vehicles, and the number plate should be hung at the front and rear of the vehicle to facilitate identification and monitoring

experts from Guangxi electric bicycle industry association suggested that some consumers usually don't have time to register at work, so it's very objective to allow such descriptions to be entrusted. Some qualified and reputable electric bicycle sellers will train and issue license plates on their behalf

in the public parking areas of many communities in Nanning, there are long-term unclaimed used electric bicycles, "zombie cars" are flooded, and the number plates are not used or cancelled. "The handling of these zombie cars gives our community staff a headache." Experts from Mingxiu community, Beihu street, XiXiangTang District suggested adding regulations to clarify that if the electric bicycles are discarded in roads, parking lots, public areas of residential areas and other places, and are about to be discarded for more than 60 days, the community property management party and other management parties have the right to dispose of the vehicles

some experts believe that among the more than 2 million electric bicycles registered in Nanning, it is not excluded that some of them are "zombie cars", and one of the reasons for these "zombie cars" is that the owners do not use or take the initiative to cancel the scrapped electric bicycles. Some experts also pointed out that now the state vigorously advocates "releasing management services", and whether the management department can also innovate the management method, with the help of existing scientific and technological means, so that the cancellation and scrapping process can be more convenient for long-term development. For example, the cancellation and scrapping of electric bicycles do not necessarily require people to go to the vehicle management office. Whether the cancellation can be operated on the app can be announced by the traffic police department

the draft stipulates that

communities must be equipped with charging facilities

the draft regulations further clarify that communities must be equipped with electric bicycle parking places and charging facilities. With the rapid development of new energy vehicles and charging facilities, the centralized parking place of electric bicycles should be included in the public supporting service facilities of new residential areas, and planning, construction and completion verification should be carried out as required. The Fire Department of the public security organ shall be invited to participate in the completion verification

for the built residential areas, it is clear that if conditions permit, additional centralized parking places for electric bicycles should be built, and supporting facilities such as charging should be improved

some experts have proposed that the speed of electric bicycles in urban villages is measured by stopwatches. There are a large number of cars, and fire accidents occur frequently. How to ensure the safe parking and charging of electric bicycles should also be taken into account in legislation. In addition, in terms of the recycling of used batteries of electric bicycles, there must be a station for the convenience of citizens. There should also be a clear account of the whereabouts of batteries after recycling

experts' suggestions

distinguish the attribute management of electric bicycles

the experts present at the meeting pointed out that some small-scale businesses and takeaway catering industries often need to use electric bicycles. In particular, delivery workers often ride fast because of the requirements of delivery time. It is suggested to add management regulations in this regard, which should not only consider safety issues, but also not "one size fits all" not to be used on the road

some experts pointed out that in reality, some electric bicycles actually belong to the category of motor vehicles in terms of speed and specification, and it is suggested to carry out district differentiation management on electric bicycles in Nanning. For example, vehicles that have been included in the catalogue of electric bicycles and disabled motor vehicles in the autonomous region and have not been modified are regarded as non motor vehicles according to the provisions of the traffic safety law. Starting from the definition of the upper law, electric bicycles that have not been included in the catalogue management, or have been included in the catalogue management but have been modified without permission, are regarded as motor vehicles, and are managed in accordance with the relevant provisions of motor vehicles to crack down on illegally modified vehicles. At the same time, the scope of modification should be clarified to avoid the expansion of the strike surface. Electric bicycles provided to the disabled, postal express delivery, sanitation operations, etc. can also be further clearly divided

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