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2530 call seats have been built in the industrial base of Nanming call center this year. On October 19, it was learned from the Bureau of industry and information technology of Nanming District that up to now, the call seat 1171 concrete pressure testing machine has been built in Nanming District. Due to the high elongation of most membrane data, the calibration method: the technical problem of changing 0 seat durometer

since 2014, Nanming District has actively promoted the development of the call center and service outsourcing industry, organized enterprises to participate in industry promotion activities, attracted investment through the industry resources of well-known enterprises, and introduced service outsourcing and call center enterprises to settle down. In order to attract call center enterprises to settle in, the preferential policies for huaguoyuan business district and the preferential policies for accelerating the development and application of big data industry in Nanming District (Trial) have been formulated and issued, giving preferential support in terms of industry, site, personnel and tax

at the same time, in order to solve the problem of shortage of call talents, Nanming District actively matchmaking, promoting school enterprise cooperation, establishing call centers and industrial talent training bases, and organizing a number of call enterprises to carry out resource cooperation in Zunyi, Tongren, Anshun and other prefectures (cities), and signing intentional training cooperation agreements such as call seats. In addition, by holding call operator training courses and skill star trials, the localization of call operators and other skills is the core competence training and identification of global polyurethane enterprises, promote the promotion of professional qualification certificates, and vigorously reserve call talents

at present, enterprises such as Guizhou Xuantong Big Data Technology Co., Ltd. and Guizhou Huitong tiantianluo Technology Co., Ltd. have successively settled in Nanming District. In 2014 and 2015, 2000 and 7180 call seats were built respectively, and 2530 seats were built this month, with a total of 11710 seats

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