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Nanning fire department seized 8 barrels of fake fire retardant coatings

on March 10, the fire department and the industrial and Commercial Department of Nanning, Guangxi jointly renovated the fire product market in Nanning. After inspection, it was found that some businesses have illegal profit-making behaviors such as mixing and selling genuine and fake goods, and selling fake goods

if the fire retardant coating is not fireproof, it will not be able to stop the spread of the fire. At noon that day, inspectors found fake fire retardant coating in a warehouse on Beiji road. The boss initially said, "this is not mine, I am not the boss." Later, he said, "this product is mine, but I don't sell these products, just put it in the warehouse." The inspector asked for a product inspection report, but the other party ran away

in a paint shop on Beiji Road, inspectors found eight barrels of fake paint, four of which were piled up on one side, and several pieces of bacon were hung on a wooden pole lying horizontally on it. The inspector then asked the store owner about the situation

inspector: "why sell fake goods?"

boss: "I didn't sell it, I just put it there."

inspector: "it's not for sale in the store? Why is it here?"

boss: "I put it there to hang bacon, not for sale. There are only paint and paint in the store, and it's cheap for me to sun bacon with fake products. All the shops nearby sell fake ones, so why only check me?"

inspector: "we have received a report that you are selling fake goods. If you know which one sells fake goods, you can report it to us."

boss: "I don't know."

when the inspector asked about the situation of the fake delivery personnel, the boss was silent to answer

the inspectors said that they had made a thorough investigation in advance and that the boss was indeed selling fake fire retardant coatings. In 2006, Nanning fire department destroyed a fake coating processing plant, which is usually difficult to return to the original straightness factory, and seized 35 tons of fake and inferior fire retardant coatings at a time. Nowadays, in order to avoid the attack, the counterfeiters and sellers have more hidden means. A small amount of fake fire-proof coating is stored in the point of sale, and product samples are provided when customers buy it. If the price is right, the shopkeeper will deliver the goods to the customers. "Real fire-proof coatings can be used in wood structures and steel structures. If you understand these and then start, you can play a fire-proof role. But fake coatings not only do not prevent fire, but also support combustion, which is imminent and cruel."

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