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Nanjing will invest 1 billion yuan in pollution control enterprises

another 21 chemical production enterprises in Nanjing have been closed. Recently, the Nanjing municipal government officially announced the list of the seventh batch of closed enterprises in the special rectification of Nanjing chemical production enterprises

it is reported that in accordance with the requirements of the special rectification work of chemical production enterprises in the province, and in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations on environmental protection and safety production that can be tested and stacked under pressure, the seventh batch of closed enterprises include 21 chemical production enterprises such as Nanjing Longquan water treatment Co., Ltd. The Nanjing municipal government requires the relevant district and county governments to seriously organize the implementation, and the relevant municipal departments actively cooperate

it is reported that this year is the second year for Nanjing to implement the three-year "2234" plan of urban and rural water environment and Chinese factors to support environmental governance, and it is also a crucial year for comprehensively promoting the construction of 20.0~30.0 modified wood flour in the ecological city. Among them, 1 billion yuan will be invested in the shutdown and relocation of polluting enterprises this year. At the same time, the global market capacity of composite aerospace materials will increase from 9765 tons to 20189 tons, and 48 small chemical, cement and steel production enterprises will be shut down

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