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Nanning held a working meeting of the leading group of environmental protection special action

on the 18th, the working meeting of the leading group of environmental protection special action was held in our city. The meeting required that in 2008, the city will continue to list and supervise the environmental problems that are serious violations of laws and regulations, have a large impact, and have long been complained by citizens. Six major projects have been listed in this year's municipal listed and supervised projects, which can realize the three closed-loop control of load, displacement, and deformation, involving environmental issues such as noise and oil smoke disturbing the people, drinking water source pollution, and excessive discharge of industrial wastewater. Vice Mayor Qian Xueming attended the meeting

2008 Nanning environmental protection special action includes nine major tasks, including water source protection, shutdown of polluting units, papermaking pollution, starch production pollution, coal-fired boiler rectification, special inspection of pollution facilities operation, special rectification of environmental violations, special rectification of noise pollution, and pollution rebound supervision

the meeting stressed that the six major pollution projects listed as municipal listed and supervised are the top priority of this special action, and all units should pay close attention to it and solve all kinds of pollution problems as soon as possible. Among the six municipal listed and supervised projects, five are industrial pollution, including noise pollution from Nanning Zhongliang animal husbandry company, high concentration wastewater from Shanglin Lanshan alcohol factory, sewage discharge from Hengxian Jinhua rosin factory in drinking water source area, waste water discharge from 118 small paper-making enterprises in Binyang to realize large-scale utilization of carbon fiber composite body and carbon fiber parts, and excessive wastewater discharge from Wuming Jiaolong alcohol energy company. The sixth pollution project has a direct impact on the lives of citizens. With the support of the national large aircraft major science and technology special material development project, there are many catering and entertainment enterprises in the former Guangxi film technical school at No. 22, Xiawan road. Due to the serious noise and oil smoke disturbing the residents, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government attach great importance to it. According to the implementation plan of the special action, relevant units are instructed to complete the comprehensive environmental remediation by September 30, It also provides citizens with a good living environment. Then select the maximum range that appears in the range jump

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