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Nanjing will upgrade degradable plastic bags from January 1 next year. Release date: 20 including routine, multidimensional or parallel analysis source: Nanjing Morning Post

according to the latest "plastic restriction order" in Jiangsu Province, by the end of 2020, shopping malls, supermarkets, pharmacies, book stores and other venues in the urban built-up areas of Nanjing, as well as catering packaging and takeout services and various exhibition activities, the use of non degradable plastic bags will be prohibited, Market norms and restrictions on the use of non degradable plastic bags. Yesterday, it was learned from supermarkets such as Suguo, Wal Mart and Metro that some supermarkets in Nanjing have begun to fully use biodegradable plastic bags. From January 1 next year, all supermarkets will use qualified biodegradable plastic bags

in the Sam's Club under Wal Mart, the plastic bags provided by the supermarket feel very thick, and the plastic bags are printed with the words "China environmental protection logo" and "biodegradable". The price is not cheap. It costs 1.7 yuan each. Many consumers choose to bring their own eco-friendly bags or don't need bags at all, and directly put the purchased goods in the shopping cart and push them to the underground garage. The supermarket told that the price of plastic bags is higher, which also increases the use cost of consumers. Now most consumers will bring their own bags, even biodegradable plastic bags, and it's better to use less

1. The universal experimental machine must be checked before the experiment. In Metro Yuhua supermarket, it is found that not many people buy supermarket shopping bags, and most of them directly put goods in carts and push them to the parking lot. One shopper told that one is to respond to the call to use less plastic shopping bags. In addition, many goods in supermarkets are packaged in larger sizes, which is also easier to take. Shopping malls said that the paid shopping bags provided by metro in the checkout area were biodegradable. At the same time, there are large environmental protection bags for guests to choose. In the kitchen supplies area, the mall also provides a variety of environmental protection products such as degradable paper straws and degradable garbage bags for personal consumers and professional customers such as catering canteens to choose from

Suguo supermarket, which has the most stores in Nanjing, said that it fell to 10cps at 90 ℃. From January 1 next year, fully biodegradable shopping bags that meet national standards will be launched in Nanjing and Hefei to realize the replacement of plastic bags. According to the relevant person in charge of the company, Huarun Suguo has always attached great importance to environmental protection and has been committed to promoting a series of measures for sustainable development. Under the guidance of the government, it has gradually reduced the use of plastics, and has stopped providing free plastic shopping bags for measuring Hb, HRB (or HRC) and HV hardness values to customers since 2008. Su Guo said that reducing white pollution requires the joint efforts of the whole people. We also call on customers to bring their own reusable shopping bags and reduce the use of disposable packaging bags

according to the Nanjing market supervision and Administration Bureau, from January 1 next year, the market supervision department will also strengthen the inspection of the "plastic restriction order". Now the market supervision bureaus of various districts have begun to take action one after another, such as the Qixia District Market Supervision Bureau, which has arranged the purchase channels and manufacturers of plastic products in major restaurants, supermarkets and farmers' markets. Maigaoqiao branch also cooperated with the streets and communities to put up posters in prominent places of supermarkets and farmers' markets with large traffic, inviting citizens to learn together. In addition, the sub bureau also requires businesses to be encouraged to look for plastic substitutes and strictly supervise according to law

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