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Nano anti-counterfeiting corrugated box

nano fresh-keeping corrugated box

the existing fresh-keeping technology and process are very complex, and the fresh-keeping packaging effect is poor, and the relative cost is high in the packaging operation and storage and transportation process. These problems will be solved with nanotechnology

the fresh-keeping packaging of fresh food such as fruits and vegetables is to solve the problem of ethylene, a gaseous substance that accelerates the deterioration of fruits and vegetables. In fresh-keeping packaging, fruits and vegetables release ethylene. When ethylene reaches a certain concentration, fruits and vegetables will accelerate decay. Therefore, ethylene absorbent should be added to fresh-keeping packaging to reduce the ethylene content in packaging, improve fresh-keeping effect and prolong shelf life. However, the test shows that the ethylene absorbent currently found is not ideal, which makes the research of fresh-keeping packaging encounter difficulties. Nanometer Ag powder can accelerate the oxidation of ethylene released from fruits and vegetables and reduce the content of ethylene, so as to achieve a good fresh-keeping effect. Nanoparticles used as oxidation catalysts mainly include Fe3O4, Fe2O3, Co3O4, NiO, Pt, Rh, Ag, PD, etc

a Japanese paper company has produced a fruit fresh-keeping packaging box. It is to add a layer of polyethylene film on the corrugated lining paper of the corrugated box, and then apply a waterproof wax coating containing a trace of fruit disinfectant to prevent the evaporation of fruit moisture and inhibit respiration, so as to achieve the purpose of fresh preservation. Using this kind of packing box to pack water artificial organs and plastic fruits can keep the fruits fresh within a month

in order to keep fruits and vegetables fresh during transportation, an American company invented a new method to reduce the oxygen content and increase the nitrogen content in the packaging box to keep fruits and vegetables fresh. This method uses a new type of packaging box with the performance of air conditioning and sound consumption protection system in transportation. This packaging box has a special layer of film, which can absorb oxygen molecules and let nitrogen pass through. In this way, after the air enters the packaging box through the film, the nitrogen content in the box can be up to more than 98%, which slows down the respiration of fruits and vegetables and achieves the goal of keeping fresh for a long time. The main leaders of the company regularly pay quality visits and return visits to customers

Aegisnc is applicable to cardboard boxes used for coating and packaging frozen fruit foods. The United States applies nano water repellent to the inner layer of cartons, which can put beer into cartons with ice. The surface of cartons suitable for water repellent does not adhere to water, which is environmentally friendly and moisture-proof

nano anti-counterfeiting corrugated box

nano materials have superior sensitivity, and have broad application prospects in temperature sensitivity, gas sensitivity, humidity sensitivity, etc. the use and development of anti-counterfeiting packaging in cartons will bring the anti-counterfeiting packaging technology into a new stage. The sensitivity of nanoparticles can be used to prepare temperature (heat) sensitive materials, gas sensitive materials and humidity sensitive materials respectively, and then used as anti-counterfeiting packaging of cartons

generally, metal particles are black, have the characteristics of absorbing infrared rays, and have large surface area, high surface activity, and are sensitive to the surrounding environment (temperature, heat, light, humidity, etc.). Therefore, when nano particles with such characteristics are added to packaging materials, or made into coatings or polishes and coated on the surface of materials, they are used for product packaging. When people choose goods, they can identify them by heat, optical fiber or temperature, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-counterfeiting. In other words, the use of nanotechnology can achieve the purpose of color anti-counterfeiting, physical and chemical effect anti-counterfeiting, so as to improve the level of anti-counterfeiting technology

the application of nano biotechnology in the anti-counterfeiting function of cartons

as a biological macromolecule, DNA is the basis of biological genetic material. The core content of modern genetic engineering technology is the molecular operation or molecular cloning of DNA. At present, the non biological aspects of DNA are widely used, such as biological computers, nanobiology and DNA for commodity anti-counterfeiting. However, as for the use of DNA for commodity anti-counterfeiting, Le page and Slater were the first to propose a DNA based anti-counterfeiting method (Lepage and Slater 1987). The basic process is to add a piece of DNA with a length of 1~10kb to a specific commodity as a signal molecule, and then obtain a probe DNA molecule by using the double strand complementarity of DNA. According to the hybridization signal between isotope or non isotope labeled probe DNA molecule and signal DNA molecule, reveal the existence of the signal molecule, and thus determine the authenticity of the commodity

mix the password mark Dan into water and low alcohol wine (alcohol content is less than 40%) in the ratio of 1:1 (10~20) and 1: (10~9), and directly take Lul liquid samples. PCR detection can also give correct results. Now we are trying to add DNA in the production of cartons for packaging to facilitate the anti-counterfeiting of cartons

the most important thing is that the capacitance of graphene itself is 21 μ F/cm2

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