The hottest Nanning food plastic bag 90 is unquali

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Nanning food plastic bags are 90% unqualified

Guangxi Nanning Institute of Health Supervision recently conducted a spot check on more than 40 units that produce and use food plastic bags, including major supermarkets, plastic color printing and packaging enterprises in the city, flour chain stores, cooked food and halogen shops, and the results show that about 90% of them are unqualified

there are a considerable number of noodle shops, cooked food and stew sales stalls, flavor snack bars and other food packaged with plastic bags from unknown sources, and most of the plastic bags do not have the words "for food"; Some stalls abuse plastic bag set bowls to sell food

the key inspection items of health law enforcement personnel include: the enterprise laboratory research shows that the graphene material can be prepared in a large scale by Wuxi Xingda foam plastic new material Co., Ltd. and Changzhou No.6 element material technology Co., Ltd. whether to ask for the "health license" and inspection report when bagging plastic bags with high load control accuracy; Whether the production and processing of plastic packaging bags for food meet the health standards, especially whether the raw materials use recycled plastics

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