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Packaging: "give up eating because of choking" is not advisable.

as the saying goes, "Buddha depends on gold, and people rely on clothes". If a commodity wants to "go out" to market, it must have a good "dress". Good packaging is very important for commodities. Many products in Jilin Province failed to sell at a good price because they did not pay attention to packaging. It also failed to go on the shelves of the international market because the packaging failed to meet the requirements. To this end, relevant experts have strongly called for and advocated paying attention to packaging and our product image. Today, however, because of the excessive packaging of some products, we criticize the packaging. This practice of giving up food for choking is not advisable

it is reasonable to stop the excessive packaging of moon cakes. A food factory director said that in the past, the outer packaging of ordinary moon cakes generally did not exceed one tenth of the value of moon cakes. In the early 1990s, the price ratio between the outer packaging and the box of ordinary mooncakes became 1:1, and the packaging of luxury mooncakes even reached 2:1. At present, the price of a box of moon cakes, the value of the outer packaging accounts for 70%, and some more. An enterprise sells moon cakes with a price of more than 500 yuan, and the box packaging of red sandalwood alone costs more than 300 yuan. Some manufacturers even tie tea, famous wine, pottery, tableware, etc. in the packaging of moon cakes to increase the "value" of moon cakes. There is a Cantonese supergroup moon cake whose price is 8800 yuan. The moon cake in the gift box is only 4 yuan. The outer package of the moon cake is made of top-grade red cedar wood. Each independently packaged moon cake is placed in a defensive porcelain box with dragon shaped patterns carved on it

the state has a clear attitude towards these excessive packaging. On July 5, 2005, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, the State Administration for Industry and commerce, and the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine issued an announcement on regulating the packaging and tying of moon cakes, which clearly stated that operators should reasonably package moon cakes, use non-toxic, harmless, degradable or recyclable materials, and reduce the excessive use of packaging materials. Stop tying. If the market price of tying items in the moon cake packaging is significantly higher than the price of the moon cake itself, the special name should not be marked as moon cake. In case of violation of this provision, the relevant departments may punish according to law. Experts believe that national ministries and commissions and industry organizations work together to stop the excessive packaging of moon cakes, which has become a strong signal for China to vigorously promote a conservation oriented society and can be perceived by the people, and the people applaud

over packaging is criticized, but it cannot lead to the other extreme. Insufficient packaging also needs to be avoided. In the afternoon of December 18 and the morning of December 19, 2004, the 2018 annual meeting of the wood plastic composite Professional Committee and the 20-year celebration/award ceremony of China's wood plastic industry were held respectively. In early December of last year, at the China ASEAN Expo, the vegetable Corporation of Guangxi Guilin Municipal Bureau of agriculture signed an agricultural product contract worth 10million yuan with foreign investors. The first batch was loaded and shipped in Ertang Town, Pingle County, and exported to Singapore through Shenzhen port, Guangdong Province. The first batch of agricultural products shipped are mainly Shatian pomelo, navel orange and ginkgo, with a total of 24 tons. However, the subsequent export did not follow. What's the problem? It was originally caused by not paying attention to product packaging

it is reported that in early December 2004, Guilin was eager to transport the first batch of agricultural products exported to ASEAN, so it only adopted simple packaging for fresh fruits, with cartons for the outer packaging and no technical treatment for the inner packaging. These fresh fruits were put into containers for direct freezing after they went to sea through Huangpu port in China. As a result, these fresh fruits without vacuum packaging and single waxing treatment were frostbitten, and the skin became discolored and deformed. Therefore, this batch of fruits did not bring the expected profits to Singapore merchants, who decided to suspend the import of Guilin agricultural products

examples of such situations can be found in any province in China. It follows from this that it is also impossible not to pay attention to product packaging

a conservation oriented society calls for "green packaging". Experts pointed out that in order to reduce the pressure of economic growth on resource supply, whether it is technological innovation, industrial integration and upgrading, we must promote "green packaging". Green packaging is harmless to the ecological environment and human health. It can be recycled and recycled, and can promote the copolymer of GA and TMC. It has been developed as a flexible suture (Maxon reg;) And orthopedic fixed instruments (acufex reg;) Continued development of packaging. In other words, the whole process of packaging products from raw material selection, product manufacturing, use, recycling and waste disposal should meet the requirements of environmental protection

packaging is the beautification of products. The concept of "green" makes this beautification process more environmentally friendly. The international voice of protecting the environment, caring for the earth and saving resources is getting higher and higher, and the packaging requirements of foreign trade products in overseas markets are becoming more and more strict. At present, the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, Japan, France and other developed countries have formulated packaging regulations and policies, and some countries even implement the "environmental protection mark" system to strengthen the environmental protection awareness of manufacturers, importers, retailers and other businesses. Some countries have set up "environmental protection trade barriers", which is undoubtedly a new test for Chinese export enterprises. Therefore, when choosing packaging materials, packaging technology, packaging machinery and packaging service institutions, Chinese exporters should start from environmental protection. It can not only change the image of Chinese export products in overseas markets, but also more effectively improve the competitiveness of their products in overseas markets. Therefore, the selection of environmental protection packaging materials should reflect the basic principles of harmless, pollution-free and renewable utilization

moderation and environmental protection are the proper features of packaging

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