The hottest packaging is related to food safety

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Packaging is related to food safety

in daily life, almost all plastics used to contain food are mainly plastic bags, plastic bottles and plastic barrels. Our strategic focus has always been on the development of high-quality plastic products. People pay more attention to the internal quality of food, but pay little attention to the safety of food packaging and its materials, or do not pay enough attention to it. Some waste plastics containing toxic and harmful ingredients are processed into food packaging and containers, which are still used in large quantities inadvertently by people, posing a potential hazard to people's health. According to the statistics and analysis of experts of China Packaging Resources Comprehensive Utilization Committee, about 60% of food packaging materials in China have potential safety hazards

based on dispercoll acirc, in order to raise the entry threshold of plastic packaging production enterprises for food; The one component polyurethane dispersion adhesive technology developed by the product series strengthens the safety control of food packaging materials from the source. The AQSIQ will launch the market of 39 kinds of plastic packaging, containers, tools and other products for food in the near future. The main bearings of quasi dynamometers are not allowed to be oiled into the system. The first batch of products listed in the "QS" certification are fresh-keeping film, food packaging bags, milk bottles Plastic barrels and other 39 kinds of important products are closely related to food production and people's lives. China's plastic extruder industry has great development potential. All enterprises without qualification are not allowed to engage in the production and operation of food packaging containers. At the same time, the General Administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine also made mandatory requirements for food production enterprises in the purchase of packaging, that is, they should not use plastic packaging, containers, tools and other products for food without production licenses in food production

therefore, when shopping for food or plastic packaging and containers for food, consumers should not only carefully check the internal quality of food to see whether it has passed the quality and safety certification of the quality supervision department, but also pay attention to whether its external packaging has QS marks. With dual quality assurance, food will be more safe and assured. (Zhu Lingzhi)

source: China Food Quality News

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