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The packaging industry shows a good momentum of development

the packaging industry is one of the most active markets, and the total production of packaging materials and packaging machinery in the world is about US $400billion. The suppliers of European packaging machinery industry have always been committed to bringing innovation to the design and production of packaging machinery to make it work faster and more flexibly. According to the latest survey report of the German machinery and Equipment Manufacturing Association (VDMA), the orders of German packaging machinery have been full at present. After a long period of drought, it is gratifying that the domestic demand in Germany has rebounded significantly and continued to grow at a low price. Mr. Richard Clemens, general manager of the German food processing and packaging machinery association under VDMA, said: "it is clear that Germany's investment reserves are relatively slow." Although the export business is still in a state of overall turbulence, he is still full of confidence in the situation this year. In 2005, the export volume of German packaging machinery increased slightly, reaching 4.2 billion euros. He believes that it can reach 4.5 billion euros this year. Since 2000, the output of about 300 packaging machinery manufacturers in Germany has increased by almost one third. Therefore, the German food processing and packaging machinery association hopes that the sales in 2006 will be significantly improved, which is mainly due to the growth of demand in many areas of the industry, such as the need to integrate new components or new systems in existing IT components, and put forward certain requirements for the high flexibility, simplification and rapid renewal of packaging equipment

high automation

a major competitive advantage of European machinery manufacturing is its high automation, which can meet the needs of all walks of life. Food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturers need flexible filling and packaging production equipment with small batch production. Various packaging machinery and equipment can adopt modular structure design, and then be assembled as required. This requires an open automatic construction system. Due to the adoption of servo technology, the existing packaging machinery manufacturers can be modified through customized software, not just applied. The components of different assemblies are manufactured in the same way, using the same host, but the selected components can be further modified. The development and test period of the equipment is relatively easy to calculate, so that the cost can be minimized

in the process of terminal packaging, the flexibility of packaging machinery is the most important. At present, the top loader used in primary, secondary and tertiary packaging has increasingly shown its importance. This loader mainly includes grabbing and placing robots, product feeding and possible product classification devices, pallets or cartons and other components. The top loader can be designed according to the special requirements of users. The manipulator is equipped with a scanner, which can detect the position of the product on the conveyor belt, and then grab it and place it in the appropriate carton

TLM packaging machinery serially produced by Schubert company is the best example. TLM packaging machinery is suitable for various types of product packaging. Its control system is located on the top of the packaging machinery, and it is easy to access various functional units. TLM packaging machinery can convert flat carton blanks into three-dimensional cartons, then pick up products from the conveyor belt, place them on the packaging station and seal them. The whole process meets the market requirements. If the requirements change, TLM packaging machinery has enough flexibility to make corresponding changes to meet the actual needs

prevent counterfeiting

German mechanical engineers are increasingly concerned about the piracy of products. According to the latest research of VDMA Association on this subject, about two-thirds of companies are deeply troubled by this problem. At present, the forged products not only involve spare parts, but also involve the forgery of the whole machine. In many cases, the appearance design of the machine is almost the same as that of the genuine products, which seriously destroys the image of the manufacturer. Due to the influence of pirated products, it is said that about 30% of companies lose more than 5% annually due to product forgery

rondo and AlpVision cooperated to produce a security identification tool called cryptoglyph, which can easily and clearly identify counterfeit products under specified experimental conditions and requirements. When identifying products or packages (such as carton packaging and blister packaging), the authenticity can be identified by placing an invisible mark on the package at one time. Cryptoglyph is composed of thousands of dots, forming a safe data image. The distribution of dots on cryptoglyph is invisible to the naked eye, but a standard scanner and an appropriate software can be used to identify the authenticity of the product. In addition, by using cryptoglyph, you can also track the distribution route of its products

plastic first

in the past 10 years, plastic has become the most important packaging material. Today, plastic packaging accounts for about 43% of the German packaging material supply market, with a total value of about US $26billion. Last year, the turnover of about 700 manufacturing enterprises in this industry increased by 5.8% to US $10.5 billion (data from IK, German plastic packaging industry association). However, the good situation of the packaging supply industry was undermined by the price of raw materials, which rose by 60% in 2004. In 2005, the cost of plastic packaging increased by 5% - 10%. In the context of the shortage of raw materials all over the world, manufacturers of plastic packaging and plastic film packaging began to worry about their supply capacity. According to IK's analysis, the main factor leading to the rise in raw material prices is not the change in crude oil prices, but the low production capacity of refineries. In addition, Hurricane Katrina further worsened the situation, and the southeast of the United States suffered great damage, among which polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP), the most important plastic packaging materials, were most seriously affected

in this case, there is a strong demand for 2. For ordinary metal and non-metal samples, the jaw of the fixture directly contacts the renewable packaging materials of the sample. Siepe and nittel, located in Kerpen and Raunheim, Germany, jointly developed a new type of steel drum/pe material combination product. This product consists of an open head steel drum and an inner insert of PE liner. The lining has two PP, G2 and g3/4 buckles, which can be opened and closed through the cover. This new packaging is especially suitable for the chemical industry and the packaging of food and drugs. Because the lining is easy to replace and the steel and plastic are easy to separate, this material can be recycled and treated. It is ideal to use it as a renewable packaging material

the company is also very interested in this stable process because it can save materials. All users of Germany Fraunhofer processing machinery and packaging technology application center (referred to as Fraunhofer AVV) can provide technical support to optimize the processing of flexible packaging materials. They have developed a measuring device that can be used to measure the tension of packaging materials and better analyze the causes of failures caused by machinery and packaging materials. Online measuring facilities can calculate the tension of materials and provide important information about local pressure points in packaging materials

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